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Self-Reflection Assignment Help

Writing about one''s personal experience encourages self-reflection and improves self-awareness. In this activity students are invited to reflect, in writing, on their experiences related to managing clinical risks for patients. Students to write about an event they observed or were involved in during their nursing profession that they feel might have placed a patient at risk. Alternatively, students may want to write about an event that occurred to them as recipients of healthcare, or as an observer to their friends'' or family members'' experiences. The event may be one that they feel related to any of anticipation, recognition, or management of a patient safety risk. Safe patient care and reducing medical-legal risk requires nurse practitioners to be aware of potential risks and how to avoid them. 

The narrative should include: 

• a description of the event 

• an explanation of how this event placed a patient at risk 

• the student''s reflections on the event including: 

• if and how the event was recognized 

• why and how the event occurred, for example, was the event due to 

• action or inaction by an individual healthcare provider 

• system failure(s) 

• a combination of systems failure(s) and individual provider performance issues 

• what changes or improvements they would make, if any 

• how they felt at the time 

• how they currently feel about the even 

• Were you personally involved in the event? Discuss. 

• What, if any, workplace factors contributed to the event? (e.g., Was it during a handover? Did it involve a medication?) 

• How aware was the healthcare provider(s) of what was going on around them? (situational awareness) 

• How did the health care provider(s) recognize the safety problem, and how did they respond? 

• How did this event affect you? 

• What did you take away that you will use in the future? 

• I would do something differently next time because Note: I work in the Hospital and on medical/surgical floor.



The objective of the reflection report is to focus on and explore the clinical risk experience that a nursing profession is required to do. Every student has to undertake medical activities (Lavoie-Tremblay et al, 2014). The medical activities involve taking care of the injured patient and check-ups. The goal of the profession is to provide the right medication and cater to the patient a right moment and right place. The care provided other patients involve detailed check-up. Based on this check-up, a medical prescription is, provided (Hoeve et al, 2014). Clinical risk management looks into the risk management principles by reporting, assessing and identifying the potential risks related to the patient. The reflection report explains the relevance of managing the clinical risks during the nursing profession. The experience of working as a nurse and encountering the medical emergencies are, elucidated in the reflection report. 


The clinical risk for me is a clinical risk management procedure. It includes recognising the risks; examine the severity and frequency of the clinical risk. It helps us to eliminate or reduce the associated risks. Cost of the clinical risk is also, taken into account when monitoring is, done. Clinical risk aims to look for the activities that are, utilised for gathering information related to risks. Personal accountability is, considered so that the clinical risks can be, measured and assessed accordingly (Holden and Littlewood, 2015). Being a medical student, there are specific requirements, which must be, maintained in order to maintain complete and accurate health care procedure. It was necessary for me to participate in the medical meetings so that patient safety and management can be, done. The activities also provide families and patient after a critical event. The clinical complaints are required to be, addressed with comprehensive care.  To gather information regarding the clinical risk are coronial investigations, sentinel events incident monitoring, the response related to the improvement of the healthcare.

During the nursing profession, sentinel events were also, encountered by me (Chang et al, 2015). The sentinel events include the unexpected occurrence that involves psychological injury and physical injury. I also managed many complaints related to the assistance in monitoring the standards, decrease the frequency of litigation, assisting in maintaining the belief and faith in the nursing profession, helping in self-assessment. Overall, my function is to protect patients’ health. It was necessary for the hazards and risk associated with the workplace. I work on the medical surical floor, where I need to be calm and stay controlled. This is the floor where all the surgical devices are sanitized and taken great care. The managent here is very strict. 24/7 care to the patients are provided. Whenever patients come for treatment; at first the disease is, diagnosed. After diagnosing, the conversation between the doctor and patient, the doctor related test or medical prescription for a course of time (Green and Jackson, 2014). If the patient is, admitted, then I receive information regarding the operation details and the admission details. We always require staying prepared and ready for healing and treating the patients. From here, I need to forward to my seniors to plan for the surgery day.  The medical check-up list includes the pulse rate, heartbeat rate, frequency of going to the bathroom, the medicine doses and others. The doctor further sees the checklist and based on this, the doctor increases decreases or adjusts new medicinal courses to the patient. My responsibility here was to inform the patient’s guardian about the health of the patient. My duty also included talking to the patient so that a detailed and comprehensive report can be, found.

In the medical school, I was, told to be responsible towards the patients and must be personally responsible for curing and treating them (Sabatino et al, 2014). If the system of the hospitals failed to provide support to the patients, I immediately inform the authority regarding the system breakdown. The patient is then, provided with a new support system and I must take care of the systems. Without efficiency in the system, common clinical complications cannot be, removed. ECG machine is an essential device that checks the performance of the heart of the patient. Every event that I encountered provided me confidence and acquaintance in regard, to the management of the next situation. The work experience helped me to gain relevant practical and theoretical experience in managing clinical risks.

Measuring the vital signs of the patients such as weight, height, neurological checks, blood pressure and TPR. Writing a care plan for the patient is necessary thus helping in developing good relationship goals with the patient’s family members. The oxygen mask set up requires, trach collar, non-breathing mask, vent mask, facemask, T-piece and nasal cannula (Scully, 2015). Cardiovascular function checks are also, done on the patient. Limited mobility should be, provided to the patient during the surgical care.


The relation between a nurse and patient is, considered to be, the most top service activity, as a person here take responsibility to heal the person. Every medical situation requires equal attention and education to make the dedication become successful. Students like us go through both practical and theoretical knowledge to facilitate the medical emergency of a patient. Taking and maintaining medical records regularly to provide them with right amount of medication do proper patient record. Personal discussion between the doctor and me were, done frequently to evaluate the patients’ health situation. Taking daily information regarding the patients’ health, medical dosage is necessary to check the health progress of the patient. Nursing profession is a very prestigious profession where proper health guidance is, provided to the patients of the hospital. In certain occasions, the work of a nurse becomes more intricate in nature thus enabling the doctors to perform their task cooperatively and in a comprehensive manner.


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