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Enterprise Systems Assignment Help

- Evaluate and Integrate several information sources in analysing Enterprise Systems

- Describe the role of enterprise systems as part of the larger IT infrastructure of large scale organisations.

- Identify relevant considerations in the implementation of Enterprise Systems.

- Demonstrate communication skills to present a coordinated, coherent and independent exposition of knowledge and ideas in dealing with Enterprise Systems.

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Enterprise system is very much effective for the organisation and it comprises of different software packages (Venkata, Maheshwari & Das, 2017). It benefits the organisation by providing information flow, data analytics, reporting and many more. It also enables the organisation to organise and manage the big data as generated within the organisations. In this article some solution for minimising the issue related with the ER system has been described.

Issue in the security in the Enterprise System

Delayed Updates: According to a recent report, most of the companies (near about 87% of them) are using backdated software within their business environment (Information-age, 2019) So they are also using the outdated version of Enterprise system which can bring the entire business in a risk. If any company uses the Enterprise system which is out of date cannot solve the basic problem including the crashes. In the current state the cybercrime is increasing day by day and the hackers are always trying to hack. So the update of any system is very crucial. The updated ERP provides new features and helps to improve the system of the organization.

Unauthorised system: An ERP system can store enormous amount of information about the companies. This sensitive information is generally protected by passwords. However, due to presence of some security loophole in the ES, the password could be easily hacked by an outsider to gain unauthorised access to the confidential information of the companies (Student, 2017). This is one of the major drawbacks of the Enterprise system. The Enterprise System is thus, seems to be vulnerable to unauthorised access due to weaker security in its infrastructure.

Basic configuration: Most of the times, the organisations do not have any knowledge about the configuration of the system that could be implemented in order to make the ES to be safe and secured (Rashid et al. 2018). Here, it should be noted that most of them do not know about the system requirements for introducing the Enterprise System within their IT infrastructure. Hence, there arise the issues related to incompatibility and non-performance of the system.

Malware: Malware is the software that is used by the outsiders to get unauthorised access on any target system by inserting the same into the target. This can be done in the form of disguising techniques like spams, phishing, spoofing, DoS attacks and others (Gupta, Arachchilage & Psannis, 2018). These malwares can get into the target system and thereby giving the hackers an opportunity to get into the system and extract useful information from the victim's system. This has been the most challenging issue in the Enterprise System wherein a weaker security system could lead the outsiders to get access to the system without even alarming the victim.

Authentication: This has been one of the most challenging issues in Enterprise system any loopholes in which could lead the information of the company to be made public. Thus, the information is required to be protected by some security passwords and the access of which is required to be provided to an authenticate employee (Gupta, Arachchilage & Psannis, 2018). Here, it should be noted that anyone who could be having the password credentials could easily get access to the confidential information which could be vulnerable for an outsider to gain unauthorised access.

Not understanding the system: The issue of security is very threatful for any organization as well as it is also created externally. When the organizational system is maintained by any new employee, then sometimes it becomes tough to understand the actual need of that organize by the expert who have to control the system (Gupta, Arachchilage & Psannis, 2018). It because of that employee does not have the proper knowledge about the internal system of that organization and it would be a dangerous threat for the organization.

Failure to comply: If any organization uses the ERP for storing the confidential data like personal information, sales information and payment details, then it is essential to meet the local security standards requirements (Gupta, Arachchilage & Psannis, 2018). In the case of credit card and debit card, as these contains the details, the organization should keep enough security. The organization should keep password and also need to comply with regulation within the sector of the organization.

Authentication: As an organization includes ERP system in their organizational system, this ERP makes the organization capable to handle not only a huge amount of data but also store the sensitive data. In this current state cracking a password is not so hard. So the organization should keep stronger protection for the organization security.

‘Woolworths' case study

Woolworths, an Australia based supermarket chain was faced a huge problem in the year 2015. This company was the biggest in its field. In that time there was a huge competition in the market. So the Woolworths then took a new strategy. It was started to grow its business with the help of the discounted brands that were in the market. New leaders came to the company to handle the new strategies. As a result thousands of job cuts have been made. They told that with the new strategy they can satisfy more customers. This strategy did not work. Woolworths faced a record loss of A$1.2 billion in the year 2015 (Woolworths, 2019). So the company closed its DIY market because there were no way left. Not only that Woolworths broken up with its partner company Lowe's. The Lowe's took a legal action against Woolworths and Woolworths faced a $1.8 billion write off (Woolworths, 2019). There were also various IT issues in the Woolworths in that year. To face with that issue they made some upgrade to their system.

After all that a new business model has been introduced in the Woolworths. The CEO of the company also said that new business model will improve the productivity of Woolworths and will also make a good atmosphere. The investors were also helped to grow the business. In the new business model the Woolworths focuses in the two key factors, one is clarity of the business and another is cost cutting. Customer satisfaction was already a key factor of Woolworths' business model. They also started focusing on a new factor which is ‘feedback'. Woolworths has also started to develop an app to make the business smoother. When a product is ready to sale then this app will send a notification to the all members. So both upper and lower level employees get to know about the sale. The company has also planned to create a new system software to prevent underlying data processing. It will be a leaner model. They have also made a trial version of the software. The trial version needed some SAP implementation. This trial version of the software can replace the 500 supply chains and support office of Woolworths (Woolworths, 2019). After the SAP implementation this software was work properly and helped the Woolworth to grow its business.

Issues of the case study

It was a very big problem faced by the Woolworths. They have done some mistakes also that are the main reason for the loss. The main mistakes done by Woolworths are-

Single authentication in Woolworths case study

Singe key authentication is a type of authentication which has a single protection. There was some kind of security problem in the Woolworths. If they use a password protected security system then it is very common to have an issue with the security because password protected security is actually a single authentication security (Woolworths, 2019). Now a days the hackers become so much powerful so they can easily hack the single authentication security.

Issue with the access control in Woolworths case

Access control is to control the access of the employees to the data that are stored in the system of the employee. To develop the business and to fulfill the business goals the Woolworths had hired new leaders to the organization (Woolworths, 2019). That means the way of the control has been changed. In this case the new leaders were totally unaware of the business model and the characteristics of the employees. They did not have the clear vision about the role of the employees. So they have given the access control in the hand of the employees who do not deserve the access.

ES configuration issue in Woolworths case

ES configuration is to configure the enterprise security as per the requirement of the organization. It can be seen that there were many software problems in the Woolworths. They were using a system that is based on the old requirements of the organization (Woolworths, 2019). As the requirements and business policy has been changed then it was a very important job to configure the system as per the new requirement. In many organizations it is a big problem that they do not change the configuration of their system as their changing requirements.

Support of management in the Woolworths case

Support is the most important thing to get more productivity in the organization. Here upper management control plays a vital role. It is the duty of upper management to spread the awareness about the system security in the organization. So that other employee can adopt it. They also need to understand the mindset of their employees. In the Woolworths case, when the new leadership took the responsibility of the company then they did not understand the approach of the employees (Woolworths, 2019). So they failed to create a good organizational culture because there has a gas between the leaders and the employees.

Literature Review

A System Framework of Security Management in Enterprise Systems

Wang et al (2013) presented a detail description about the SSL-VPN (Secure Sockets Layer Virtual Private Network) framework that will help the security management of the system. A system can be fully secured with the help of the SSL-VPN framework. It is very powerful and appropriate because the authors, Wand et el, has done a lot of researches using this framework and then they mentioned about it. In this article, there is a description of the history of the network security system which has been started from the 1990. There is also a description about identity authentication. According to Wang et al (2013), it is the strongest security system. There are three parts of identity authentication; single-factor authentication, multi-factor authentication and protocol authentication. There is a diagram about the workflow to describe the fingerprint authentication. There is also a short paragraph about basic configuration.

Developing a model for enterprise system

It is about the business model that should be followed by the organizations to secure their system and data. Because of the paradigm shaft the authors are facing some issue so they have suggested conducting more research on this topic. The authors, Chaudhry, Chaudhry & Reese (2012) have done some research in previous time on the corporate dealing and on the system security. In that research they have came to a result that there is issue that is more dangerous than the hackers in the field of system security and that are internal frauds. They have created a report that includes the fraud cases in the security system. They have also created a model for security system. They have suggested some solutions to solve the issue. They suggested that there should be access control in the organization. The management need keep eyes on this issue. An employee should have an access over a particular type of data as per their job role. Any of the employees should not have the access of those data which is not needed as per his job role. The authors also suggested that the management must have to aware of the importance of system security. They should told their junior employees about that. Once all the employees follow this awareness then it will be the atmosphere of the organization.

Information security governance of enterprise information systems

This article contains the past, present and future state of the system security. The authors, Khoo, Harris & Hartman (2010) have described the history, the scopes and the current characteristics of the system security in the article. First of all there is a description and a table of the current landscape of the governance related to the system security. Then there is a description about ISG framework which will help the organizations to increase their system security according to the current regulation of the governance. There is a full list of the cyber crime and the punishments. There is detail about ISG assessment tool which has been created to support the ISG network. It is divided into four main parts.

Article name: Quantitative Model for Economic Analyses of Information Security Investment in an Enterprise Information System. This research focuses on the mathematical model for optimal security technological investment evaluation along with decision making process. With the help of quantitative analysis of all the security measures, identity of the risk and individual information system has been processed. The aim is to keep in check laws that may be suffered by an enterprise and failure of security accident based on security technology. The model which was initiated in the research is done so by making use of quantitative assessment that will test the data used for creating a real business environment. the potential risk that can we suffered by an enterprise has been laid down in the study. Focuses on a comparative study of the security investment used in other models

A management perspective on risk of security threats to information systems- Information Technology in this article Threat source, motivational capcity and software applications. The emphasis of the study is mostly on using Electronic Communication and understanding the importance of internet in reducing the risk associated with any customer. The article focuses on the potential threat that can be accrued in case of a security and enforcement issue and how far the probability of the success can be questioned by evaluating the loss. The aim of the article is to propose a cost model which will calculate the loss and thereafter help in quantifying the compensation. The purpose of the research is to do a risk and damage control and function on the security enforcement. The research is mostly concerned with the use of information technologies and how information can be accurately positioned. The paper discusses the importance of an enterprise search system that focuses mostly on studying the database so that improper integration of the information resources can be achieved and completed within the search program.

System building has been has been evolved as the unsolved problem in the subject field of economical security, the universialization has overcome the perceptual it of identification of described.

Security analysis model, system architecture and relational model of enterprise cloud services

Cloud service systems have become the main targets of malicious attacks. However, the cloud computing technologies are still not perfect, and the management and maintenance of enterprise cloud services are more complex compared to traditional network services of cloud computing. Research focuses on the question of building a strong security and how far the economy can be compromised to understand the enterprise and its functionality. It does a proper questioning of the domestic needs and structure of the regimen that should be functional for the purpose of studying the security system. The focus of the research is mostly to create a better finding of the economic impact of the enterprise and the problems in determining how far the determination of the industry can be made functional. The question with regards to security and function in an enterprise has been clearly mentioned for the purpose of study.

A key part of Enterprise information system in an organization is the development of security related protocol to administer the process. The overview of this relevant security policies and its protocol are there to administer within the context of enterprise information system has been discussed in this context. The article focuses on the importance of cloud computing and how it has become an important part of Computer technology. It tries to talk about importance of cloud computing on ensuring proper enterprise servicing. The problem of cloud computing environment within security problems has also been assessed to create a proper model that supports the generation of solutions for creating the right methodology. The traditional network services of cloud computing have been complex in comparison to introduction of an attack that will track the significance of cloud computing. Actually positioning of any information and the value of that information should be studied across the knowledge base. The focus of this research is mostly applying the security database system in a way that will be effective and will help in positioning proper information.

System on the Enterprise Information Security- In Advanced Materials Research The information resources and information systems has been an important asset on which the enterprise depends on, in survival and development. Otherwise the information problem security has been more and more serious. The aim of this research is to assistance the creation and development of a model that will talk about the security system in overseeing the process undertaken in a business. The process of administration of this system will create an organisation that will focus on making security policies and exchanging information data. The research does not focus on one aspect but tries to establish the conceptual Framework that gives a direction for the research to reach the key drivers of proper establishment. The top management support as well as proper access to the establishment of enterprise is a part of the study that presents the issues within the corporate governance structure.

Enterprise systems network: SecurID solutions, the authentication to global security systems. Journal of International Technology and Information Management, The focus has been the creation of management systems that focuses on importance of creating and information security system that will question the survival and the development of enterprise management. Safety management should be implemented as part of the construction process and the research focuses on the policy and employee training that is integral and essential part. The survival and the development of any security system can be created to meet the demands of the technical problems and therefore the management issue should focus on ways of making the research easier.

E Enterprise Search Services and Application of Security Database System- In Advanced Materials nterprise systems have variety of choice to authenticate these users, organizations face significant issues when granting access and providing a manageable structure for valuable access control. The research focuses on questioning the threat that are present within the vectors and the ways of questioning that threat to find a better understanding within the field. the focus of the research has been to get a better understanding of the plurality within the field that will ensure that data is stored properly and there are no threat associated with the storage of that particular data. Various questions have been answered in knowing the strength and the value that are enumerated within the sphere of threat field.

This paper focuses on the enterprise search systems that are based on database security services such as Oracle search. The emphasis of this research has been mostly on finding better solution and ways to make information public. The article answers the questions of security risk and confidentiality issues that might become a part of any organisation and any access which is granted might create problems. The reason why an enterprise system should have a flexible research methodology is because y information should be studied in an effective manner and trust and confidentiality of the users and enterprise owners should be a primary importance. The focus of the research is mostly on how to make any information known to the public and how far the authentication should be carried out.


For mitigating access the control issue:

In the article, Wang et al (2013) proposed some solutions for minimising the issue related with the ER system. As per the article the organisation should have to be clear to the employee's about their job and job role. This will help the company to specify the data access for the employees. Organisation should have to state the clear rules and regulation regarding the data access so that each employee can access the data relevant to their job role. It will help the organisation to restrict the data unnecessarily. Within the organisation the management should hate to pay attention on the IT team regarding their process of controlling the data and if there is third party control system exists then the company should have to ensure the proper person to handle it. This process of mitigating the issue in ER system will be helpful for the Woolworths.

For mitigating Authentication issue

According to Chaudhry, Chaudhry & Reese (2012), the company should have to maintain the multifactor authentication. The multifactor authentication basically refers to the double layered protection or triple layered protection. In double layered protection two processes has been involved, one is password and another is fingerprint and in triple layer protection another biological feature has been added such as face scan or retina scan. But according to the author double layered protection is the futile one for the company as it is easy to use and also cost efficient. In order to mitigate the security issue Woolworths must have to incorporate the double layered protection system. In this process the first activity is related with the personal information such as gender, age, email id, phone number and few more and second one is the finger print process. This is the best way to implement the security system. In this process the hacking of data is merely impossible due the complex security.

Maintaining basic configuration:

Basic knowledge and proper understanding of the SSL-VPN management and configuration should have to be maintained by the IT team with in the Woolworths Company. According to the various authors, Burch, Mukkara & Earl (2015), the proper knowledge regarding the basic configuration is needed to run the process properly and for that SSL-VPN management and system software knowledge is inevitable. There are six steps to perform the authenticity identification for hardware-networking channel.

Shaking Hand Process-

In a chain table format server and user transfer their certification to each other and the SSL shaking hand protocol exchange the password and algorithm to each other on the basis of the transmitted message earlier (Burch, Mukkara & Earl, 2015).

Processing of the record:

Entire data processing has been done in this process and it also includes the assembling of the data as well as packaging of the data (Burch, Mukkara & Earl, 2015). Verification regarding the complete or incomplete data has also be done in this process.

Controlling the access:

Different modes of access enable to determine the different level of access. Obviously some formulas is related with it

Identity authentication:

Determination of the digital certificate regarding the communication has been done by using the PKI mechanism. The result has been sent to the user in an automated process so that user can perform the authentication (Burch, Mukkara & Earl, 2015). On the basis of the authentication the SSL channel set up has been done from the user side. If the authentication was not done properly then SSL channel set up will not be done.

Port transmitting

After the login from the user side by using the SSL-VPN, the port transmitting started on that point.

Log management-

In this process tracking and keeping the data of configuration and management data has been occurred

Reducing the management support issue:

In order to maintain the security system it is very much important to the management of the company to play a vital role (Burch, Mukkara & Earl, 2015). They must have to facilitate the proper knowledge regarding the importance of the security of the data within the employees so that the employees can understand the value of the system security. In the case study of the Woolworths, a new leader has been appointed to manage the system security and providing proper knowledge to the employees so that they can also follow the rules and regulation regarding it.


Maintaining security system is one of the important factors for the organisation and the company must need to follow the various strategies to protect the data from breach. Proper control over the security system could be beneficial for the company. Apart from that security guideline is another important aspect which needs to be maintained strictly. Basic knowledge and proper understanding of the SSL-VPN management and configuration should have to be maintained by the IT team with in the Woolworths Company. As evident from the assignment, the proper knowledge regarding the basic configuration is needed to run the process properly and for that SSL-VPN management and system software knowledge is inevitable.

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