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Developing a Human Capital and Performance Management System Assignment Help

Imagine you have been hired to help a new organization establish itself in the market. Your first task will be to design and develop a human capital and performance management system. The owner’s vision is to have motivated employees who will ‘go the extra mile’ when talking about service and performance. You will be presenting your plan to the executive board.

Include in your work the following aspects:

- Provide an organizational profile that includes mission/vision, and the strategy of the organization.

- Identify and evaluate current performance management systems.

- Based on your evaluation, propose a new human capital and performance plan that includes,

1) leadership development,

2) individual and team performance plans,

3) the impact of compensation and rewards on motivation,

4) a work/life balance policy.

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1. Introduction 

For an organisation that has newly established itself in the market, one aspect that is essential to consider is the fact that there is a well-developed plan for the organisation in terms of dealing with the human capital that is indulged for the organisation (Docekalová & Kocmanova, 2016). This plan would be constructed considering the requirements of an organisation named ‘NEthing Café’. This café is entitled towards having sustainable approach towards conducting business operations, avoid wastage and make sure that the idea of self-service is proclaimed and appreciated by everyone. 

2. Organizational Profile 

The use of an organizational profile would allow in the better understanding of the foundation and morale based on which the café was established. Pursuing a sustainable approach towards conducting business operation is never easy so an individual has to be extremely visionary and needs to educate himself about the methods to start the business procedure based on it (Schaltegger & Hörisch, 2017). 

2.1 Mission 

The mission of NEthing Café is to ensure that they have managed to spread awareness about the importance of using eco-friendly products and meanwhile, promoting such companies with the help of their café. 

2.2 Vision 

The organisation is extremely visionary and is inclined towards hiring people who are passionate about environmental causes and at the same time provide them with the opportunity to assure their creative development. 

2.3 Strategy 

The café mostly considers itself as a platform of raising awareness about various issues but mainly focusing on environmental issues. The café indulges in mostly self-service option, however, during peak hours they require the help of staff to render the services effectively. 

2.3.1 Business Strategy 

The key business strategy is to keep both of their internal and external stakeholders satisfied (Gureva et al., 2016). The café considers the human resource as their biggest capital so it eventually makes sure that they are facilitated with enough substances that is well received. The organisation is heavily inclined towards the idea that they can provide appropriate training and opportunity to the staff to provide better services to the customers. 

2.3.2 CSR Strategy

The café’s concern towards environment and other consideration just sheds light on their choice of raising people’s knowledge about the things that are happening around. Apart from providing knowledge about the environmental situation, the café also indulges in presenting the creative work of most of the students. Also, the café hosts frequent movie nights especially on certain important occasions where people should know more about stigmatizing concepts. For example, world mental health day, world menstrual hygiene day and others. 

2.3.3 Human Resources Strategy 

It is the services the café provides that attracts numerous range of people, especially the students so the café is more inclined towards providing part time jobs to students who are looking for work. However, since the students are not available all the time, the café had to hire a few full time employees and the owners make utilisation of employee retention strategies and provides them with timely payment, rewards and bonuses. At the same time, the owners also take into consideration the requirements of the part time students as they connect more with the customers. Even the customers are the youth who feel a safe haven at the café. 

3. Current Performance Management Systems 

As mentioned by Buckingham & Goodall (2015), the performance management system plays and integral role in understanding the role that the employees have been playing and whether or not they have been successful in doing their job effectively. In NEthing café, the following process is being used to bring out the appropriate nature of the performance management system that permits in understanding the prospects and performance of the employees as well. 

3.1 Performance Planning 

At this stage, the café manages to convey the kind of expectations they have from the employees both part time and full time. They also convey the kind of behaviour that is expected from them while dealing with the customers. 

3.2 Generating Feedback 

After benchmark has been set about their behavioural and work expectations, it is being made sure that they are being provided with feedbacks on a regular basis and judge if they are taking into consideration the comments or not 

3.3 Employee Input 

This strategy has been effectively utilised by many organisations to understand the self-reflecting capability of the employees. In the café, at times, the employees are being asked to rate themselves and later that is being compared with the one rated by the managers. 

3.4 Performance Evaluation 

The evaluation aspect is mainly considered with forming an opinion about their behaviour with the management and the customers (Shrm.org, 2019). It also takes into consideration the communication skills of the employee. 

3.5 Performance Review 

This is mainly considered with providing a recap to the employees about the previous feedbacks, how they have acted on it. It is also anticipated that they would be able to change their unusual behaviour effectively. 

4. Human Capital and Performance Plan 

4.1 Leadership Development Plan

image 12.png

4.2 Individual and Team Performance Plans 


image 15.png

4.3 Impact of Compensation and Rewards on Motivation

In the words of Mabaso & Dlamini (2017), the following are the impacts of compensation that can be found:

- It works as an effective employee retention strategy

- Motivates the employees to do better in their work

- Ensures that a positive and coherent environment has been established

- The employee indulges in further training and development to improve their work

As mentioned by Posey, Roberts & Lowry (2015), When the employees are motivated and rewarded for the work they put through for the benefit of the organisation, the following results are garnered:

- The employees learn how to be generous when dealing with a difficult customer

- The employees work further for their own personality development

- The workers are enthusiastic and avoid the chances of a conflict

4.4 Work/Life Balance Policy

The following work/life balance policy has been created in the café:

- The workers will spend 10% of their time to use their own creativity and it would be applauded at work

- There are flexible leave and working hours

- There is a creation of a family-friendly work environment

- Providing educational support and considering the idea of creative incentives


The impact of the compensation and the work/life balance policy of the organisation would be the one responsible for enhancing motivation among the employees as they will be indulged in positive environment, rather than a toxic one. Since, the workplace would foster their creativity it would motivate them to work with more enthusiasm.

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