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Concept of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identify Assignment Help

Psychology Scientific Article Critique : This paper will be about sexual orientation & gender identify.
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The sexual identity of a person, with who the person is attracted to and wants to continue the physical and emotional relationship, is known as Sexual Orientation. Straight, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Asexual are included in the sexual orientation. There are differences between gender identity and sexual orientation. The sexual orientation is basically the sexual attraction or interest towards other people, whereas the Gender Identity is the personal perception of one's own self whether the person is male, female, both or neither. In this concerned assignment, a peer reviewed article is selected on the topic related to sexual orientation, which will be discussed the details of the article.



Nowadays bullying has become very common everywhere, especially in the various school of U.S. According to the Russell, Day, Ioverno & Toomey (2016), assignment is conducted on the concerned peer reviewed article that is aim to discover the sexual orientation and identity of gender related policies are observed by the different schools, which leads to the reduction in the bully.

In the journal article, the research is conducted from the perspective of the teachers of the different schools. Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) is associated with bullying in the schools. Hence, in the various schools, with the implication of strong and strict policies on SOGI, the association between the assessments of teachers regarding the safety of school and the issue of bullying is becoming stronger.



The problem that is proposed to the concerned study is bullying in the schools of U.S. due to the unclear perspective on sexual orientation and gender identity. The hypothesis is about the policies related to SOGI that are taken by the different schools of U.S. is connected with the decreasing number of bullying. The plan is to see whether the reports of the teachers regarding the bullies to their principals have promising and effective results or not (Toomey & Russell, 2016). Therefore, the study is proposed to observe the teachers and principals of various schools to decide the reports of the teachers regarding bullying and their opinion about school safety associated with the policies and applications of the sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI).


Process of Research:

A comparative analysis has been undertaken by using the method of secondary data collection by quantitative approach in this assignment to conduct the research. The secondary data has been taken from the articles of 3000 teachers of the California School Climate Survey and 100 school principals from the School Health Profiles. The concerned research is developmental as it aims to prove a point regarding sexual orientation (Biegel, 2018).

Time and Place:

To conduct the research following the method of secondary data collection, the study takes place in the U.S. in the year 2015.

Time Duration:

It takes 2 weeks to complete the whole study or the assignment including the research.


In the secondary data collection process, the research chooses the articles of the teachers and principals of the different schools. The concerned research conducted on almost 3000 teachers of the California School Climate Survey and 100 principals of various schools from the School Health Profiles. There are no specific criteria on age and sex.



The concerned research has the hypothesis of discovering the association in terms with the SOGI policies with the reducing numbers of bullying in schools. However, the researchers found from the research of the concerned study concluded that the sexual orientation and gender identity policies, which are implied in the schools by the principals, are not having the strong attachments with the bullying problems that is reported by the teachers at the school. The education law and policy in the United States is improving and that is effective and relevant for the well being of the students. Hence, it can be said that with the more implementation of SOGI-focused policies, safety of the school remain safe and the problem of bullying will be reduced.


As the concerned research is conducted through the method of secondary data collection, the main limitation of it is not taking face-to-face interview or actual survey of the teachers and principals of different schools (Espelage, 2016). From that the researchers can get the thinking and statistical idea on the concerned topic of sexual orientation and gender identity in terms with the bullying. The research did not fulfill the criteria of the purpose of the research. However, the study ends with the results. It requires continuing with the recent data to understand the research scenario.


Integration with Class Discussion:

In the session of class discussion, the key terms of the research is described, hence, there is no problem to conduct the study.

Opinion on Research Findings:

In accordance to the purpose of the research, the findings are not satisfactory as it failed to meet the hypothesis.

Relevance or Importance of the Research Topic:

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) affects the children that can continue to adulthood that is diagnosed as a mental disorder for the teens and kids. The concerned research topic is significant as it is relevant to know at a young age. There are new therapy of exercise can boost their mood, energy and motivation that can help the children with ADHD to improve.


Sexual orientation and gender identity is an important topic, which should be discussed with the students at the school time to clear perspective of the children so that they do not have any issues and doubts about themselves or others.

Review Opinion:

The research should come across its limitation and it needs to conduct once again with the current data and information on the topic of SOGI focused policies.

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