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Executive Summary: The report is prepared on the cyber security in the ABCT company that is facing lots of issue in the cyber attack. The company has lost all datas due to cyber attack. Hence the aim of the report is to inculcate the company employees regarding cyber attack and to train them regarding the cyber security tools and how to use antivirus in their workplace to prevent the system of data loss from the firm and to gain customer confidence and to achieve a secure working network.

INTRODUCTION: The recent advancement in computer technology networks and with the growth in interconnected devices the computing network like cloud, big data analytics and website services. The growing trend in the website world and technology has lead to cyber crime. Most of the business companies are attacked by the Malwares, Phishing, and man in the middle of the attack and service denial are the main cyber attack in the business industry. Therefore the companies go in for the cyber security to protect the datas, system, networks, hardware from cyber attacks. The main aim of the cyber security is to protect the datas from the malware attack through integrity, confidential and privacy (CISCO learnings). The main aim of the cyber security is to protect the most confidential data from being corrupted from the third party. The loss of datas and functional transactions might interrupt the business and provide loss to the company. The cyber security mainly faces many challenges nowadays due to mobile networks, online transactions, use of cloud and third party outsourcing. Nowadays the business industry uses the internet networks to transfer datas, to store datas and so the datas can be attacked by the third party attacks. The ABCT Company in Australia is a renowned worker of software and hardware having branches all over and two offices in overseas. The company uses a virtual private network and the company allows the employees to work from their home. The employees can bring their own devices to work onsite. The company also uses free LAN services that can be used by visitors and guests (Iffat A; Gheyas, Ali Abdallah E, 2016). The ABCT has 10000 customers their network. In recent it is facing cyber attack and the company is in threat of facing loss of datas, threats and theft of the personnel datas of the customer. The company has decided to introduce cyber security in their concern to prevent loss of data and to gain customer loyalty (Myriam Dunn Cavelty, 2014). The aim of this report is to use train the employees of the ABCT Company regarding cyber security and uses and also to train how to use cyber security.


Answer: The question is simple to answer , to protect the datas from vulnerable attacks. Nowadays cyber crime has become global problem as advancement in the computer technology has reached its peak all people use the network system both personnel and official for their own data sharing. The network faces security alerts from local business to higher business like the government sector (Paul, 2018). Protect the datas from the hackers and to safeguard our personnel data we have to use cyber security in our work place.


Answer: In recent advancement of the technology cyber security has to be known in each area in the industry to protect the personnel datas of the customer and to enhance the company's confidentiality we go in for the cyber security. Cyber security is nothing but the protecting of datas , network , programs , wireless LAN,VPN and both software and hardware from digital attacks (Paul, 2018). The cyber attacks are crime like stealing of data from the business firm, the theft of money from online transfer, the theft of password from a firm, accessing of datas of a business firm thereby leading to interruptions of the business .Cyber security refers to a process in which a set of techniques are employed to protect the datas ,networks and transactions from unauthorized attacks (Iffat A; Gheyas, Ali Abdallah E, 2016). A cyber security has a multiple layer of protection against the device, networks, programs cloud computing that protect the datas that has to be kept safe. When we consider the computing of networks the security is provided cyber and physical. Both physical and cyber security are used by the enterprises to protect datas from the theft and loss of data. These cyber and physical security datas are maintained to protect the confidentiality, integrity and substantial available datas from the theft (Myriam Dunn Cavelty, 2014). The cyber security can prevent the datas from cyber attack and thefts and it maintains a risk management.

In an organization the people, process and technology create a safe and proper cyber security for transfer of data in a safe and secure manner. People the users of the networks for many reasons they should use strong passwords to safe guard their own personnel info .The people should be aware of the wary attachment in email and backing up of data. The following are the top ten cyber security information to be followed to safeguard your datas (Kuo-Chan Lee, 2016).

1. First be aware that your always on attack on hackers/

2. Have a strong password with characteristic approaches and do not use the same password for multiple sites and don't ever share your password with the others like post in your blog or in your diary .

3. Don't leave your device ideal .If not in use kindly lock the device and safeguard so that nobody can use your device when not in use.

4. Always check mails don't download the mail attachments if unsafe and unauthorized

5. Banking, shopping, data transfer should be done using your devices as it is very safe. Do not use untrusted websites .

6. Backup datas often and keep your antivirus software up to date

7. The plugging of drive also can introduce the malware into the system ,so be aware of what you plug into the system.

8. Be aware of social information, don't provide to phone calls asking for such information.

9. Don't share all your details in the social network.

10. Monitor the account for any suspicious software


Process: The organization should have a approach to both cyber attacks they should be aware of all interruptions. The firm should identify the cyber attack that steals information from the firms software and hardware. A well respected framework can be followed by industry to protect their company from cyber attack (CISCO learnings).

Technology: The technology has to be adopted by the firm to protect the software ,datas by providing computer security tools to prevent from cyber attacks. The entities that has to be protected from cyber attack includes computer devices, software devices, Smart devices and routers, networks and cloud . the most common technology adopted to protect these devices include next generation firewall, DNS filtering, antivirus software and security in email solution (CISCO learnings).

Question 3: Why is cyber security important in the ABCT company?

Answer: For a company like ABCT handling the both hardware and software cyber security plays an important role. Advance cyber defense program can safeguard the datas of the company and the customer datas can be kept safe from any thefts (Paul, 2018). The cyber attack from the scratch includes extortion of data , to loss of important datas like customer contacts, the part requirements, the personnel datas of the customer , the records of audit loss . The cyber security identifies the source of the threats and kills them accordingly and helps in retrieving the loss data and by providing a safe and secure transfer of datas to the company (CISCO learnings).


The ABCT company has two companies in overseas and it allows the employees to use their own devices onsite and the wireless LAN facility is there for visitors and guest who visit the company. The ACT is handling 10000 customers data .Since it is allowing the usage of own device for the employees onsite working and the employees are also provided with the work from home option there are possibilities of cyber attacks as this is not going to be the companies own devices all employees use their own devices.The basic possible three common vulnerabilities faced by the company would be. When a company has so many access points it becomes a golden space for the hackers to hack the datas of the company with tone of datas to exploit and so many IP conflicts will also take place black hat hackers are having one hell of a time exploiting vulnerabilities and creating malicious software for the same.

Question 4: Identify and explain at least 3 security vulnerabilities in ABCT's system.

Answer: The Three Common vulnerabilities are as follows


The three common attacks includes Malware, Phishing, Malvertising.

Malware: Malware is software designed to have unauthorized access to computer causing damage to software and corruption of datas. The types of malware includes viruses, Trojan and spyware software's. Malware cannot cause physical damage to your system instead it can cause the deletion of encrypted files and datas stealing away from your computer (CISCO learnings). If you have malware your system slows down and unauthorized ads pop up your screen often the screens freeze ,crashes and blue screen on death .Often noticing low disk space these are the signs of the Malware inside the system. The malware enters your system through mails and internet if more number of access points are signs of malware entering the system and so ABCT faces loss of data as they have lots of access point to the company (Kuo-Chan Lee, 2016).

PHISHING: Phishing is a fraud based kind of cyber crime done to access password, bank account details, and credit card details by acting as a trustworthy site or a person and doing the phishing process in electronics communication. The ABCT is dealing with 10000 customers and its employees can work from home and bring their own devices and they use wireless LAN which the visitors and guest can access easily. So there are lots of chances for the phishing threat in the ABCT Company. The cyber attack uses a disguised email as an attack (Josh Fruhlinger, 2016). For example a job vacancy for which you have to pay some amount the link will take you to the payment page where you have to provide your credit card details and make payment and the masquerade steal the details and use them for their purpose this is a trending attack the similar thing can happen to business websites also they may steal the customer details and use it for their own purpose. The phishing spells the same as fishing where the crime put the hook for you to bite be aware of such mails (Josh Fruhlinger, 2016) . The Phishing Kit may be installed in to your system for the attackers to be identified in the mail.

Malvertising: The Malvertising is an online advertising to spread the malware online. The Malvertising injects the malware through any advertisement like your lucky enough to win the lucky draw all these statements include the Malvertising agents in the online cyber attack. The malicious actors pay a lot to inject malware advertisements into the online web page to display the infected ads on different websites .So when you open an infected web page you're automatically attacked by the infectious malware (Dilan Samarasinghe) .The advertising networks don't know that they are supplying the infected malicious malware into the website and thus get infected and attacked. The Malvertising kit are available one of the most popular Malvertising kit is the Angler Exploit Kit. This kit helps in preventing the Malvertising to enter into the system and rejects the infected ads to enter into the webpage online (Dilan Samarasinghe).

Computer virus: The everyday threat in our day today life while using computer is the virus attack in all our computers. The computers are used both home and in offices most of the household and official computer are affected by the computer viruses. the attack in industry with the virus very limited as they would have installed antivirus in their system. The ABCT is also dealing with the computer hardware and software and has got 10000 customer datas filed in its internal storage so the company has to protect all the datas privately and so it has to opt for the antivirus software most commonly used antivirus software for the computers include the AVASTA, MacAfee etc. The viruses are mainly spread through the mails file sharing data sharing, unsecure wifi accessibilities. To prevent the system from the viruses the system should be incorporated with the antivirus software (Threats in Network, 2018).

Rogue Security Software: The next fear of the system are the scammers the virus has leveraged the scammers to attack the system nearly 35% of the system are affected by scammers. These software mislead the user to believe that they have installed a software that is antivirus and ask to update the security measures thereby attacking the security of the system panel. This software ask to update security settings or download the security app. or pay for a particular tool (Threats in Network, 2018).

Trojan horse: The Trojan horse ask somebody to be invited into the malware attack in a securely protected data. A Trojan horse is a malicious malware which invites into attack the code or software that tricks the user to willingly run the software. These Trojan horse spreads usually by the email .it may come from the known email which is included in the email. The malware will attached from the mail and it gets downloaded from the email. Trojans also spread from the download of the false advertisement. When the Trojan come inside your computer the Trojan can record your password on logging and tracking hijacks your webcam and steals the data from the computer (Threats in Network, 2018).


Since the ABCT deals with the software and hardware of the company in the customer .The wireless LAN network worked by the company can have threats in the system as it is used by the consumer and the employees on the whole .The visitors and guest also use the LAN and the Trojans spread along the computer to computer and even the virus also spread the same way. The company might receive the mails from customer so they are prone to many virus attacks and the security threats.

The three Vulnerabilities in the Company includes

1. The SQL vulnerabilities that attack the system from corrupting the datas . If correct the attacker can access the database and steal the encrypted datas from the company website and attack the system form being empty (Design and complication common places security, 2019).

2. The cross site scripting is injecting a java script into the website output application .The Xss execute the scripts in the consumer victim end to attack the scripts in the data base (Design and complication common places security, 2019).

3. The broken session and session management has issues in the severity range of the secure data. If authentication and acceptance are not accepted and left ideal the hijackers might attack the credentials.

Question 5: Analyse the information and give your recommendations how to protect home and office from cyberattack.

Answer: Recommendations to prevent your company from attack

1. Train the employees in the cyber security

2. Install antivirus and antispyware in your company system and continuously update the same.

3. Always enable firewall for your LAN wireless internet connection

4. Update the software's installed in your system

5. Always back up important copies of your datas in the system

6. Control the access of physical approach to the computer in the work place

7. WIFI networks should be highly secure if you use the same at workplace

Conclusion: The cyber crime are increasing day by day in household systems as well as in the company firm. The company forms faces lots of insecurities during file transfer and the running an Email and downloading amn attachment and in also advertising it requirements. The Malware, phishing and the Trojans are the main problems faced by the companies in the present scenario. The companies employees have individual system and they have the option to work from home and they also recommend to work onsite were the unsecure networks can inject some malicious viruses or malwares into the system and the corrupting the datas .The company should ensure that they continuously update the system antivirus and also the software so to prevent the unknown publishers from attack of viruses and malware into the system. The company should educate the employee about cyber crime and the advantages of using the cyber security tools in preventing from data loss.

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