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Child Protection Program Evaluation Assignment Help

Identify and describe a child protection program in your community (you may use the program described in Discussion Post. What is the mission of the program and specific population served? What services does this program provide? In what way does this particular program address a significant need in the community? Make sure to cite the relevant literature to support the need for the program. Is there a theoretical basis for the program?  In what way(s) would the program benefit from an evaluation? What evaluation model(s) may be appropriate to use in the evaluation of this program and why?  What are the ethical considerations in the planning and implementation of this program evaluation?

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In this modern world, establishing a child protection program would help in protecting children from abuse, violence, exploitation. The community is required to take the responsibility in implementing a child protection program to provide protection of children and young people in improving the family stability. It would help in guiding individuals of a society to take care of the rights and protects their children from abnormal activities.

Discussing missions of the specific population and program served

The main mission of child protection program is to provide protection towards children from various types of abuse and exploitation activities. It would help in creating a better world in which children would perform their activities without facing any harassment. According to Childcare Act 2006 the community is required to improve their knowledge in order to handle the children in a suitable manner (Legislation.gov.uk, 2018). Another mission is to promote and develop the prevention education programs for caregivers and parents. Therefore, the target population for this child protection program in between 5-10 years old. Thus, this program would help in providing adequate awareness to the respective people so that the children would have a healthy life.

Explaining the services in the context of the program contribution

By the help of child protection program, the child care community would take initiative in providing effective requirements towards families that they would maintain their children properly. According to Chartier et al. (2017), however, in this world, various types of children would have alcoholic parents which would create harm for their children and also impact negatively over their behaviour. Therefore, the child care community would analyse this kind of behaviour and take reliable steps for their parents in order to improve their behaviour in a positive way. In addition to this, the government would take responsibility in providing legal support towards their community in order to improve their child care protection.Recognising the ways in which this appropriate program meet the suitable requirements in the community

Social service interventions

Social service interventions would help in contributing education towards family, child and family counselling which would give them to support their children while performing their activities. The child protection program would also help in overcoming the violence which would have been faced by the children.

Child maltreatment interventions

The child protection program would also lead population to use effective communication towards their children in overcoming the risk factors of their lifecycle. In the words of Amirthalingam et al. (2016), effective communication would also help children to understand the concepts and do their activities accordingly.

Identifying the theoretical basis for this program

The child protection program would totally depend over the population in this modern society in order to maintain the healthier society. The community would distribute their sector into various other departments in order to maintain the rights of the child. These departments would also take responsibility in providing effective requirements towards families. According to Health.nsw.gov.au (2017), On the other hand, they would also provide training towards them in enhancing their knowledge abilities while taking care of their children. It would help in implementing a better healthier society in this modern world situation.

Explaining the benefits of the program

The child protection program would help in contributing security towards children that they would live their lives in a more secure environment. As per the viewpoint of Hillis et al. (2015), this program would also guide the families to understand the factors of abasement, harassment. Therefore, family members would take reliable steps in order to overcome these factors and implement a better, healthier world. In addition to this program would guide government to provide effective legal steps for illegal activities therefore, it would help in taking care of the safety of the children.

Discussing the evaluation model for this program

The Kirkpatrick evaluation model helps in providing protection and also maintaining the consultation practice for the community towards population. By the help of this model, the community would provide effective educational training towards their population. According to Holmes et al. (2015), it would help in improving the knowledge abilities for individuals while performing their activities towards child protection. This model has four features like program initiation, implementation, contact and stabilization. These features would provide support towards population to perform their reliable activities in child protection.

Describing the ethical consideration while implementing and planning for this program

There are various kinds of people who would not have appropriate knowledge about child protection program. Thus, superstitious people would not participate in this program however; there are various kinds of people who would not provide any interest towards child protection program. It would impact negatively towards their society and it would also reduce the growth and implementation of healthier society.

Explaining the initial steps for the evaluation of this program

The community would provide appropriate information about the child protection program towards their population in a suitable manner in order to get attention from them. Based on the viewpoint of Chartier et al. (2017), therefore, they would guide them to perform their reliable activities in order to overcome the illegal activities which would have been faced by their children. If the population would not have enough skills to adopt this program therefore, the community would provide training in order to encourage them and also provide knowledge to perform their operations.


From this study it has been analysed that the child protection community would implement a child protection program to overcome the issues which would have been faced by children. Therefore, the community would also take responsibility in implementing appropriate steps to maintain their activities towards child protection program.

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