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LAW 813 Foundations of Legal Thought

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This LAW 813 Foundations of Legal Thought course meets to preserve students' health and safety, all parts of this course can be converted to a remote format for all or part of the semester content. All students must meet or exceed the technical requirements to register for this course.

This course aims to explore the rich and varied theoretical foundations developed to analyze laws and legal systems in the Anglo-American legal tradition. It aims to improve the understanding and appreciation of legal theory through the following questions: How does legal theory conceptualize law's nature and operation? How do they see the relationship between law and society, economy and culture, and how do they know the law's role in social transformation? What impact do they have on the legal system's nature and structure, including the role and powers of judges and others who interpret and enforce legal norms?

This course will explore philosophy, political theory, economics, anthropology, sociology, and indigenous legal traditions to explore the analytical premises and normative obligations of a range of legal theories. Key requests will include the nature of the ruling and the legal basis; source of legal force and legitimacy; the relationship between law and morality, law and politics; and the relationship between competing legal orders. The task's reading materials will be based on the following traditions and methods: natural law, American legal realism, legal process, law and economics, critical legal research, feminist theory of law, comparative law, and legal pluralism.

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