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British, French and American Revolution Assignment Help

Reflect on the comparison between the British Industrial Revolution as well as the American and French political revolutions. Using this mental comparison, you will provide your own definition of revolution in the 18th and early 19th Centuries, following the instructions in Step  To support your definition, you will use an example of a catalyst from each of the three revolutions.

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The term revolution refers to transformative actions or events which their main goal is to turn a nation, society and even the world according to Bailyn, (2017). Consequently, different revolutions may take place for different purposes. For instance, the aim of the American Revolution was to overthrow the existing political order and replace it with a new authority. However, when it comes to revolutions like the Chinese and the Russian Revolutions, they had economic and social agendas in their goals in reference to Doyle, (2018). The aim of this assignment is to compare the British Industrial Revolution as well as the American and French political Revolutions. It will do a comparison between the main events that happened within the two Revolutions.

Comparison between French, American and the British Revolutions.

There are two main reasons why the American Revolution began according Lefebvre & Tackett, (2015). The two reasons include economic and political reasons. However, when it comes to the case of the French Revolution, the main reasons behind it was the mismanagement and the domination that ended up forming the French Society. Consequently, there are multiple events that took place during these two Revolutions. These event brought major impacts to the countries and the revolutionists. Some of the events that were evident during the period include the Townshend act, currency act, and the sugar act. Some other cases such as the French revolution case, the citizens experienced things like the beginning of the Tennis Court Oath, overthrowing of the monarchy and storming of the Bastille.

On the other hand, immediately the French Revolution began, the American Revolution also kicked off. The reason why the two changes followed each other was that the American people were supporting the idea from the French Revolutionists. From the research, it is evident that the things that these two groups were fighting were common problems that other nations were facing. Other parts of the world also started to find changes in their countries. Some of the event during the American Revolution included things like the Battle at Lexington Concord, the Boston Massacre, declaration of independence and the Paul Reverse's Ride. Some of these events changed the way American was initially. For instance, the event of the declaration of independence. The independent made Americans to be free from bondage, people also secured their rights under the laws drafted in America according to Shaffer, (2017).

In the French Revolution, Pinkney, (2019) argues that it was felt in the idea of social inequality among the citizens. Apart from that, it addresses the high tax system together with other profitable ideas. On June 20th, 1789, France had Tennis Court Oath, however, on July 1 it followed the Storming of the Bastille and lastly the event of overthrowing the existed Monarchy. All these events prompted the Industrial Revolution from 1820 to 1870 according to Newmann, (2018). One can consider that the Revolution that happened in France was a bit friendly as compared to that of British because it lacked major war. Loyalists were the once perpetrating for change in America as compared to lower class and middle-class people fighting in France.

On the other hand, there exist a few similarities between the two revolutions. For instance, all these two revolutions focused on equality and liberty among the citizens. For instance, there was inequality among the gender and high tax system. Secondly, all the countries were trying to fight for their freedom. In the case of America, they were to be free from the taxes and regulation Great Britain installed in their country. However, the French people wanted to do away with the French Monarchy and fight for an ideal governing structure. Consequently, these two revolutions began for a common goal.

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