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PATH 5020 Molecular Pathobiology

The PATH 5020 Molecular Pathobiology course is the continuation of PT-G 501 Pathology and pathophysiology of cellular/molecular diseases.

The goal of this PATH 5020 Molecular Pathobiology course is to elucidate the mechanism of disease by detecting changes in molecules and pathways. In the pharmaceutical industry, the effectiveness of molecular pathology as an adjunct to histopathology in the development of preclinical drugs is widely recognized. The above-stated course describes the basic principles of slide technologies and highlights their application in the preclinical stage of drug development. This course unit focuses less on the technical aspects that are easy to find in many excellent texts and journal reviews, but more on the usefulness of these technologies in facilitating all aspects of the drug discovery and development process.

IHC is based on the binding of a labeled antibody to an epitope in a tissue section on a glass slide and detecting a colored reaction product or fluorescence in a tissue section. Here, we describe in detail the main methods of IHC and IF, the problems associated with the laboratory practice of these technologies, and the usefulness of IHC or IF as a tool for identifying and monitoring the expression of target epitopes in tissues in preclinical studies. The use of IHC as a tool for monitoring efficacy, identifying tissue biomarkers (BM), assessing toxicity and evaluating possible unexpected cross-reactions of biotherapeutic drugs with human and animal tissues.

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