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ISIT 950 System Development Methodologies

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This ISIT 950 System Development Methodologies course gives students an introduction to the overview of systems development methodologies for both historical and philosophical viewpoints. The above-stated course as well introduces students about the frameworks and issues which might be used to evaluate and compare diverse system development methodologies.

Subject learning outcomes: After completing the course, the students will be capable to:

  • Illustrate and explain the origins and philosophical basis of a range of strategies for the growth and enhancement of systems development processes.
  • Make use of the fundamental tools and methods used across a range of system development methodologies.
  • Evaluate the requirements of various systems development methodologies.
  • Evaluate the requirements of different systems development projects and choose an apt systems development methodology for those projects.
  • Illustrate and describe frameworks which might be utilized to evaluate and distinguish different systems development methodologies.
  • Illustrate and clarify the similarities and differences between varieties of system development methodologies.

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