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GEN BUS 300 Professional Communication

The GEN BUS 300 Professional Communication course mainly helps students in introducing the Expository writing in association to the written communications employed in organizations: letters, factual memoranda, short reports, technical research reports and many more. Development of competencies in oral and graphic communications; committee reports, staff presentations are also studied under this course.

Communication is the ability to reach a consensus with others. Communication research is the process of learning and applying theories and tools to better understand information, context, audiences, groups and organizations. The aim is to improve or change understanding through the careful use of information.

Professional communication is a professional field of communication, in which great attention is paid to the theory and practice of communication in a professional context. Areas that use professional communication include sports, arts, health and home care, new media, small business and entrepreneurship, consulting, education, and spiritual services. Professional exchanges also play an important role in the fields of medicine, law, psychology and philosophy. All of these areas require the effective use of external information for a usually unfamiliar audience or public.

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