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ACTG 4740 Valuation and Modeling

The ultimate goal of this ACTG 4740 Valuation and Modeling course is to improve professional decision-making skills. Professional decisions are made by combining judgment and analysis. Even seasoned professionals (in any field) can make the wrong decisions when dealing with incorrect or insufficient information. Thus, one of the keys to improving decision-making is to improve analytical ability and skills. This course emphasizes the definition, construction, use and limitations of popular financial models and instruments. In addition, the course focuses on how to use these tools, why use them, and how to decide to use these tools and tools/techniques to assess their value.

Valuation models in Excel can include many different types of analysis, including discounted cash flow (DCF) analysis, comparable transaction multiples, prior transactions, and vertical and horizontal analysis factors. Different types of analysis can be built from scratch in Excel or existing templates/models can be used. This type of work is usually performed by a wide range of financial professionals.

There are many reasons for doing evaluative modelling in Excel, and professionals from all walks of life spend a lot of time doing this type of work. Reasons include:

  • Prepare to raise funds from investors (that is, determine the issuing price of the shares)
  • Sell the business and determine an acceptable price range
  • Acquire a company and know how much to pay for it
  • Emission of shares to employees (Employee Share Ownership Plan or ESOP)
  • Internal budget and plan goal
  • Business succession planning
  • Evaluation of investment opportunities and capital projects
  • Impairment test (due to any significant decrease in the value of assets)
  • Legal procedures, including bankruptcy

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