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BIOMEDE 419 Quantitative Physiology

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Quantitative physiology empowers undergraduate and graduate students to understand and develop quantitative and research-oriented methods of systems physiology. The systems studied include the cellular, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory, endocrine, gastrointestinal, and kidney systems. Mathematical models and engineering analysis are used to describe the applicable characteristics of the system.

In this course curriculum, we will look at two main topics of cell biophysics, which are presented here in the form of questions:

  • What molecules are transported across the cell membrane and what is the transport mechanism?
  • How does a cell maintain its composition, volume and membrane potential?
  • How it is potentially created across the cell membrane? What is the role of these potentials?

Although the questions asked are mostly biological, the methods of answering these questions are inherently interdisciplinary. As we will see throughout the course, the role of mathematical models is to express concepts accurately enough to draw accurate conclusions. For all the topics covered, we will consider both theory and experiment. For students, the educational value of studying the interaction of theory and experiment surpasses the value of the specific knowledge gained in the subject.

With this BIOMEDE 419 Quantitative Physiology course, students will be able to gain all the information about the units covered by the course and will be able to apply the various skills and theories they have learned.

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