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ME 527 Materials Processing

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This is one of the core courses for students majored in materials science and engineering. The course basically comprehend students about the fundamental thermodynamic and kinetic principles that underpin materials processing and then implement to process metals, polymer, ceramics, and polymer composites to meet integrated requirements and applications. In this ME 527 Materials Processing course, students will learn how a material's properties are determined by the microstructure of the material, which is in turn determined by composition and the processing that the material has undergone.

Student learning outcomes: Students are anticipated to:

  • Build up the basic understanding of thermodynamic and kinetic principles in the context of material processing and implement the principles of thermodynamics, kinetics, and solution chemistry/electrochemistry in major material production.
  • Gain the capability to relate processing to structure and performance pertaining to various different kinds of material.
  • Build up the ability to implement existing processing principles to process new materials and use conventional diagrammatic data sources, quantitative methods and critical thinking skills to address materials processing problems.
  • Comprehend the interrelation of energy, environment and economics in materials processing and gain knowledge of advanced material processing research and development activities.

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