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Assistive and Augmentative Technologies

The SPE 525 Assistive and Augmentative Technologies course introduces students to curricular access and learning issues related to severe learning and disability conditions. In this course, students will be introduced to the applications of augmentative technologies and assistive technologies to instructional practices. Students will become familiar with individual needs based on disability and learn about technology applications related to children with disabilities.

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Here's a look at the list of some of the courses that are covered by the Tutors at ExpertsMinds -

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  • SPE 560 - Practicum in Moderate Disabilities
  • SPE 575 - Family Engagement in Special Education
  • SPE 695 - Disability and Sheltered English Immersion
  • SPE 565 - Reflective Seminar in Moderate Disabilities
  • SPE 511 - Curriculum Development for Students with Severe Disabilities
  • SPE 500 - Nature and Needs of Students with Disabilities
  • SPE 566A - Reflective Seminar in Severe Disabilities
  • SPE 680 - Psychoeducational Assessment
  • SPE 530 - Humanities Methods in Special Education
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