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Book Reviews and their significance

Some people are of the opinion that writing book reviews is a futile exercise and does not serve any purpose. However, it is not so. In this age when thousands of printed and electronic book are printed every month, it is difficult to decide which books to read. Most people search by the titles but sometimes, the titles are misleading and you are completely disappointed when you do not find what you expect to find in a particular book. People have little time to waste on experiments. Hence one generally takes the help of book reviews that are publishes in newspapers and magazines regularly. Reviews of scholarly journals and books are considered to be part of research activity. Students of research, literature, journalism, mass media etc. are trained to write book reviews in their respective courses.

Writing a book review is beneficial for the reading and writing community. Book reviews are important guidelines for students who conduct research and help them to prepare their bibliography. Book reviews are widely read by scholars who pursue higher education. Aspiring authors and students of literature also benefit by book reviews. Book reviews are referred to by book sellers, printers, publishers and distributors. They play an important role in marketing of books.

Difficulties in writing book reviews

  • Each book deals with a different topic and theme.
  • The same theme is dealt with in a different perspective by different writers.
  • A book review cannot be written by a novice; one has to read a number of books on similar subject before one can pass a judgment on the worth of the book.
  • A reviewer must essentially highlight the strengths of the book. Instead of criticizing a book outright, the weaknesses and flaws can be conveyed in soft and positive words.
  • A book may have one theme but may also contain some literary elements. For example, a love story taking place on the background of the French Revolution can be of interest to a student of literature and at the same time to a sociologist or historian. The review must mention the value of the content to all who may be interested in their own different ways.
  • A book review is always written with a specific purpose which the writer must be able to fulfill.
  • It is important to consider the reader's point of view.
  • A reviewer must be familiar with all kind of genres like poetry, prose, drama, fiction, journalistic writing and so on.
  • The writer must have knowledge of all the elements of each genre in order to be in a position to comment on them.
  • Writing a book review itself is a creative and literary activity.
  • Last but not the least, a book review must be useful to the reader to decide whether or not to read/borrow or purchase a book!

Few topics covered under Book Review writing

  • Thorough reading of the book from different angles.
  • Giving details about author, number of pages, publisher, price, availability etc.
  • Classifying it by theme, type, genre etc.
  • A careful examination of diction, plot, characters, setting and atmosphere etc.
  • How has the author handled the theme?
  • Comparing and contrasting the book with other books on the same subject and with other authors dealing with the same theme.
  • Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the book.
  • Giving the final interpretation and judgment.

24 hours online help for writing book reviews assignments

Writing book reviews thus poses several challenges before students. They have neither time nor inclination to read too many books besides those prescribed in the syllabus. Wide reading forms the basis of writing reviews. Instead, students prefer to spend time in core activities like deep study, projects and preparation for tests and examinations. They are only too glad if they can avail of some kind of help that will leave them free time for study.

We precisely understand the plight of students so we have set up a whole unit consisting of tutors, writers, research guides, faculty and academicians who are committed to the causes of the student community. Students are located in different parts of the world but the computers and internet have made impossible things possible and we take full advantage of them, making things all the more convenient for students.

Students need not run around seeking help; we provide round the clock online help with book reviews and all other academic purposes to students worldwide on a regular basis.

How do we help?

  • We operate through a website. It is a comprehensive, all-inclusive website that consists of all details about us.
  • The registration form is to be filled online so that you become a worthy member of our student community.
  • Once you are registered, help is a matter of a few clicks. Just upload the details of the book you want reviewed and send us the time limit. Also send details like number of words, purpose, readers etc.
  • Make an advance online payment through the website.
  • Your instructions will be carefully followed by our expert book review writers and the work will be delivered to you in time.
  • You can request a revision if necessary.

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Why choose us?

When it comes to taking academic help, it is difficult to decide from where to take help. There are certain issues that are key points of a checklist which will help you to make the choice.


  • Is the company reliable? What if you make advance payment and do not get the job done?
  • Does the company provide timely work?
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This list is not exhaustive but we are proud to affirm that we have positive answers to all the questions above. What more can you expect? So go ahead and register yourself and join our precious student community!!!

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