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HRM- Training and devolvement Tutorial

Human resources management is a management of hiring right people at right place to increase the productivity of the company. HRM work on the five pillars in the organization as:

  1. Recruitment and hiring
  2. Training and development.
  3. Managing employer and employee relations.
  4. Create positive environment in organization.
  5. Take discipline action.

 HR professional do the proper planning for hiring the work force in the organization. After hiring the candidates, the next work of an HR manager is to train the employees about their work and giving them complete detail about the organization with help of different trainings. HRM training and development keep existing employees updated about new policies and procedure.

What is HRM training and development?

Training and devolvement is one of the key functions of HRM. The main objective of training and devolvement is to increase the employee's skills and behavior and help them in learning the new techniques of doing work. Training helps employees in gaining knowledge also those who are promoted to new role, with help of training can easily adjust with their new work.

Now every day new technology launched and competition increasing day by day, to survive in this market, an organization has to update accordingly. The employees are updated by giving training and development by HRM.

What is benefit of HRM training and development?

With the help of training, the main motive of organization is to promote employee for doing good work, also taking responsibility of work and increased production, employee satisfaction with work and also decrease the employee retention. There are 5 top benefits of doing training and devilment.

1. Retains employees:

The real resources of any organization are their employees, it is important to retain old employees in the organization as they know work well than others. With proper career development program and motivational trainings helps in retaining employees for long time.

2. Employees satisfaction:

The companies where employees are satisfy with their work and enjoy working; the company will receive their goals. Training makes employees independent and confident in work, the decision making also increased.

3. Goals oriented:

HRM having professional development programs ensures organization focusing on their business goals with work force. With proper training to employees, they much clear about the goals of company and work hard to achieve.

4. Boost workplace engagement:

Training is not an individual process, it is a process in which training are given to all employees at some level in time intervals. Many time employees are coming to office and do their usual work, this is kind of boring routine job and in between of that, if a training program enrolled for them, their mind away from usual work for some time and they feel more fresh and no boredom. The employee's engagement with their work increased.

5. Builds workplace relations:

Finally when the time employee gets opportunities to explore new topics, get chance to refine their skills and can expand their knowledge, give them chance to connect with other team members as well. Training and development helps in maintain the workplace connectivity and relation with employees become better.

How to create an effective training program?

There are seven ways that is adopted by HR managers to create an effective training and development program in an organization.

1. First HR find out the need of training for new and existing employee by doing their research process and also from getting information from department.

2. When it is find out the need of training need, then HR professional set the training goals and objective. What will the result a company expecting from the training and development.

3. Then the HR manager fixes the training method and invests in training technology.

4. Later the Training method is selected by the HR manager as per traning secdule and depends on the target employees.

5. HR professionals develop the training content in a way to make the writing process easier and organize the information in a way that is best for trainee.

6.  Implementation is a phase where the training program checked at real world.

7.  At the end the entire training program is evaluate to determine if it was successful ay met the objectives.

HR Training and development methods:

1. Classroom lecture method:

This is very simple, convenient and cost effective method. The training is given in a room by a lecturer for maximum number of employees at a time.

2. Group discussion method:

HR makes small group of employees and then a topic is given to them and allow them to give their views on given topic and then all the employee give their views on the given topic and at last a speech given by the attended.

3. Simulation exercises method:

In this training method, through case study and role-play the trainee is given to employee to give them experience of real world. This method is quite expensive but gives proper training.

4. Role playing method:

Under this training method, different role played by the employees like interviewer and interview, shopkeeper and customer. Playing role helps in solving problems like inter role conflicts, role overload and role under load.  This method improves the healthy human relations skills among employees.

5. Case study method:

In this training method, real problems are shared to employees and ask them to solve the problems by their own. It helps in devolving analytical, reasoning and problem solving skills of the employees.

HRM - Training and Development Assignment Help

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