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Importance of Talent Management

From the study, it can be concluded that talent management is an important aspect in the productivity of business organisations. This helps the business organisations in recruiting the right talent with quality skills and qualifications for the economic progress of the business organisation. It is also deduced that business organisations facing poor economic situations are able to enhance their talent management systems with appropriate management strategies. In regards of this study, importance of talent management has been discussed in the study. The importance of talent management specifies several aspects that are to be considered during recruiting a candidate for a particular profile. The study concludes that management of business organisations are required to recruit and select candidates as per their capabilities and skills that comply with the organisational objectives. Moreover, the study further deduces that there are several challenges faced by different business organisations. Some of the challenges inculcate the ineffective management and leadership strategies, poor economic capability of the business organisation for hiring the highly skilled and well trained leaders. However, the study has also gathered information from the managers of Premier Inn for acquiring an idea regarding the management of talent in that hospitality industry. It was also conducted in order to collect their views in regards of talent management.

From the acquired knowledge, information and experienced conducting this research, it can be recommended that an online survey could have been performed among the employees of the hospitality organisation. This would have allowed the researchers to gather a wide range of information and opinions regarding the management of talent within different business organisations. By conducting a primary quantitative research, the researchers would have acquired quantified data which would have made it easier for the researcher to analyse and interpret the same. It would have further helped in drawing effective conclusions regarding talent management during economic challenges.

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