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Methods of Financing

Financing by the name you are very clear that financing means through which any of the company works, to run any kind of business the first thing we need is money and some investors who can invest in our company and help us in uplifting our company and we can buy everything that we need to run a good company including employees too. Not only the investors are the only one who help us in proving financial support there are many more ways of providing funds , like banks are also the way of financing our business through loan or any other way, consumers who are most important, means the one who buy our products and help us expanding our business. Financing plays a very much important role as nowadays every business is in the need of funds to expand them so by financing they can achieve their goals and stay happy. We all deal with two types of financing one is equity financing and the other one is debt financing.

Equity financing is quite safe according to debt financing because in debt financing lots of tax are also included which can lead to problems in future but equity financing is good to proceed in, no tension is there in this financing when you take any amount of money through this financing. The weighted average cost of capital will give us very clear vision of the company's actual total financing cost. Which we all should know, because financing is very important.As we all know it is not compulsory that the one who is starting a new business has lots of money with him/her, so they are in the need of some funding amount which can be very helpful to their business so business owners start exploring the financial options means through which their main problem in business can be resolved. If the businessman don't have much financial support for their business then it will become very much difficult for the owners to retain their position or stand up in the market against the well know companies, because nowadays the competition is very much and everyone want to be the best one. So, to become good in your business you will need very strong financial support. 

The first thought that occurs in anyone's mind is that they can take loan from the bank, some banks gives good loan the person who are new owners of the work, but for taking the loan from the bank there is a very long process of application behind this that you to follow to get your loan passed by the bank and then you will get money. When you are taking loan from any of the financial institution and they will become eager to know that what kind of business you are starting , what are future plans regarding and this where you want to invest the many and why do you want this loan, so very carefully you have to give the answer to pass your loan.

Try Venture Capitalists:- Another way through which you can find investors to finance in you company is to find a venture who can invest in your company, but mainly venture try to invest in the company which is high-growth and are popular in the market whose selling is good. But now its your turn that how you make them convince so that they can invest in your company. One benefit that you will get in this kind of financing method is that these venture are always ready to take risks, they are never afraid so you should convince them properly with your brain that how they invest in your company, what benefit will they get by this extra-extra. If you take loan from bank, they will never get ready to give loan at any kind of risk.

Crowd funding Sites:- as we all know everything now a days has been shifted to online platform, there are many apps that are very useful in our day to day life. So now if you want investors for your business for financial support then you should give all the details on that platform, and demand for donations like give the investors some shares in your company in return by this way you will get more help in your funding and you can run your business and by this way more investors feel interested in your business technique. This technique of including many investors to your company by giving them some share in your company is crowd funding.

Friends and Family loans:-when you are starting a new business and you face financial problem then you can take help from your family or friends which can help in proving funds in the form of investments and then some of will be paid back and some desired with some good interest on that amount when they get in return. By this way you will get help from inside also and you don't have to roam here and there for loan requirement for your business to expand. It is well know that when you take loan from bank then they charge a very high interest on it which sometimes people faces problem to repay it. So, if you know someone is there who has good financial support and can also help you then take help from them.

So, these are some of the methods of financing which can be very helpful for a person who is in the need of financial support n his/her business. There are many more methods of financing your business but these are some of the effective method of taking financial support which are not very much risky and you can easily get support from this and timely too. Every person do savings because they can need money any time in their life, so first step is take the help from your savings then take any other step for more funding if you want for your business. Keep these points in your minds as these are very useful and important for you in future.

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