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Theory of Automata

Automata mean self-acting and this course is based on the study of abstract computing machines. Theory of automata is a field of computer science which comprises of thedesign of computing devices that can execute automatically for computing some task once they receive some instruction from some other devices or sometimes manual instruction also. The computing is done at a very abstract level with automata theory. For computing purpose,the machines follow a predefined sequence of programs and operations which must execute sequentially to automate the process. Any computation that is automated has finite states that mean it should terminate at some point in time. Such automaton is called as finite automaton machine or finite-state machine. It combines the knowledge of thetheory of computations and discrete mathematics. It is very closely related to formal language theory where it is responsible for executing the infinite set of formal language with some finite representations.

Importance the Study of Theory of Automata

Theory of automata is the fundamental and core subject in computer science. It will make students' learn how the computer theory has evolved and what has makes the computer what it is today. Computer science theory starts from finite automata which allow it to make some regular expressions those are understood by the machines. With its application in almost all the research domains of computer science like artificial intelligence, natural language processing, C language, discrete mathematics and much more it can be said that it will help in many practical aspects happening in the computer science field.  One of the most exciting applications of automata theory is working of a washing machine with its all states. 

Difficulties faced by a student while solving Theory of Automata TOC problems 

Theory of automata is one of the cores and most difficult course from computer science discipline. It involves deep knowledge of mathematics and computer theory which makes it really difficult for students to understand and solve problems. For solving the problems students must understand the concepts of finite state machine. This is a pre-requisite for learning automata theory because automata should have some finite state where it can be terminated. Students must possess knowledge of deterministic finite automaton (DFA), non-deterministic finite automaton (NDFA), how to convert machines from DFA to NDFA or Vice-versa, Moore and Mealy Machine, Turing Machines, Grammars, types of grammars that the system understands concepts of regular expressions, and push down automata. Learning all this concept in depth is required to solve the assignments and projects in automata theory course.

Few important tips to solve TOC problems

Learning all these concepts involves a lot of practice. Students need to solve many examples to understand the course at depth. After learning it these concepts should be implemented using the C programming language. Hence, C language becomes one of the important pre-requisite for this course. Knowledge of discrete mathematics is also very important for solving assignments and projects from this course. This knowledge will make things much simpler in order to understand the flow of problem. Turing machine can be best understood by solving a complex numerical on paper and then implementing it in aprogramming language. Also, when things are related to real world problems are simple to understand, so there are many real life examples are available which explain the application of automata theory in solving real-life complex problems. By this, it creates a strong link between the theory and complex problems.

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