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Data Processing

Data means acollection of facts, real observations, the occurrence of some pattern in real life. In other words, we can define data as representations of facts concerning to various objects like people, objects, ideas, and occurrence of events. There are multiple ways of representing data; it can be represented in the form of various symbols, alphabets, or numbers. To generate meaningful information from the data it should be applied with some technology in order to process it, this is known as data processing. It is an action of managing the data in various fashions. By management, we mean handling and operating the stored data by using some technology. With this operation of processing, it adds some value to the data which can be called as transforming data into information. Data processing is a whole process that allows to data collection through facts and figures, assigning some meaning to them, and then communicating it to other and also store it for future use. Therefore, data processing can be defined as a sequence of operations that transforms data into useful information.

Importance of Data Processing Course

Today's business is all related to the data that is generated in the market. And we know that data is generated continuously and is generated at a large scale. The amount of data that is collected has become really difficult to store and manage. Data processing is one such course which will make students learn how data can be stored effectively and used for generating meaningful information for taking efficient decisions. The course will cover all the basic aspects of how effectively data is collected, the way it is stored, how manipulation on that data can be done by applying certain operations to generate meaningful information from it. It will serve as the prerequisite for many important courses from computer science and information technology discipline. All the business intelligence concepts are related to the concepts of data processing. Analytics is one more application where data processing can be used very effectively.

Difficulties faced by a student while solving Data Processing problems

One of the major problem faced by the students while solving data processing problems is the speed at which data is generated and the way it is stored in the databases. Data is generated in multiple formats and from multiple sources. Various formats in which data is generated are images, text, videos, signals, waveforms and much more. For storing this type of heterogeneous data knowledge of advanced databases is required to store this data. Some of the databases are Hadoop and MongoDB, This heterogeneity of data formats and various databases are very difficult for students to learn and use for their projects. Also to retrieve information from this stored data they must possess the knowledge of query language. For heterogeneous data, NoSQL is very popular which students must learn.

Few important tips to solve these problems

There are various tools and technologies that are available for collecting the data and storing it in an appropriate manner. All these tools are available free of cost and are easy to use. Even there are tools for storing and manipulating the data and crafting information from it which are also available for free and simple to use. For learning the query language like NoSQL requires a lot of practice which can be done on a sample data set. For data processing and analytics, many business analysis tools can be used like Statistical Analysis System by SAS,Cognos by IBM and many such companies has launched their tools that can be used.

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