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Engineering Chemistry

Engineering Chemistry is a program that involves the basic application of basic science and precisely relates to chemical principles. It elaborates the process of analysis and evaluating the various engineering problems like development of chemicals, electronic materials, solid-state and liquid-state science, enzymes, ceramics, and biochemical. It has many sub-topics like organic chemistry, physical chemistry, production science, material science, biochemical, biotechnology, mathematics, modern physics and some concepts of computer science. It also includes the knowledge of industrial processes involved in manufacturing of various products. Graduates studying this course will get the chance to learn concepts based on reactivity principles, determining material structure, and structure of substances at molecular level. It applies this core knowledge to design and improve the various chemical processes. It also has serious relevance with the natural fuel and pharmaceuticals.

Importance of Engineering Chemistry in Curriculum

Chemistry is associated with almost all the programs of engineering. It is the core of any engineering program. This makes it important to include this course in engineering. This course also has relevance with the environmental sciences where pollution is the major topic of discussion. Engineering Chemistry engages students in solving environmental problems like air pollution, water pollution, and soil pollution by applying various technical tools and techniques. Some very important topics that are covered under engineering chemistry are atomic structure, chemical bonding, chemical equilibrium, metallurgical operations, water treatment, fuel and combustion, lubricants, paints, and environmental chemistry. Because all these topics are highly important and crucial in current scenario there is a need for this course in the engineering curriculum. It allows students with the knowledge of multi-disciplinary programs. Also, if a student is graduating from some other advanced branch, some knowledge of chemistry is definitely required to apply those advanced concepts in chemistry to solve real science problems. 

Difficulties faced by a student while solving Engineering Chemistry engineering problems.

Understanding chemical reactions have always been difficult for students to understand. Engineering chemistry is all about chemical reaction and use of technology along with the basic sciences. So students find it difficult to apply this technology to science very challenging.  Basic science has many core theoretical principles and laws, understanding this principles and laws by relating it to real-world scenarios are very complex and require a lot of time to do so. Solving the problems related to environmental sciences are also very complex because understanding the structure of various substances and materials is also difficult for students. Another major challenge that students face with engineering chemistry is its combination with other core and advanced disciplines. Solving multi-disciplinary problems requires deep knowledge of both the majors. Solving atomic structure related problems to understand the atomic property of various chemical substances needs concepts of basic chemistry. For tracing the pollutants in the environment need knowledge of technical tools and techniques and it is complex because it demands to follow the complex procedure of identifying the harmful substances in air, water or soil. 

Few important tips to tackle Engineering Chemistry problems or assignments

Some important tips to solve these engineering chemistry problems are to have a deep understanding of the basic chemistry or elementary chemistry. This will help in correlating the advanced concepts based on engineering problems. To solve the problem of multidisciplinary problems one can get a basic knowledge of different majors and then try to relate it with the chemistry and finally when the engineering problems are solved using the chemistry it is called as engineering chemistry. Engineering Tool and technical procedures are essentially required for solving the problems related to environment and a good amount of help is available in the literature which can be applied on the concepts in real scenarios to solve real problems. 

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