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Application Programming and Software

Application programming is awide-ranging and detailed program that is used for executing any specific task for the end user. There are many application programs like email, browsers, computer games, word processors, enterprise rescue software, tally or accounting software, multimedia software and applications, database systems and much more that comes in this category. Any software that the end user use contain the application interface at the user end and these applications are created using some programming logic, so it is called as application programming. Application software, on the other hand, is used to manage the internal processing of the computer. It makes use of theoperating system for managing the various functionalities. Application program sits on the top of system program as it is written in the low-level language. Application programming is usually done using high-level programming languages like Java, Dot net, PHP etc.

Importance of Application Programming and Software Course

As the whole world is running behind automation software industry provides the maximum scope and availability of employment for engineering graduates. This makes it really important for students to have knowledge of application programming and software course. Any software that is required for solving complex problems requires an application at the user end and this can be developed using application programming. It helps users to perform multiple tasks in parallel. A course in application programming also allows students to learn various high-level programming languages that are used for developing applications for computer systems. 

Difficulties faced by a student while solving Application Programming and Software problems

The course has a very wide scope of learning and on the same side, it creates a lot of difficulties for students to learn this course. Having a wide scope itself is one of the reasons for increased difficulties in this field. It is responsible for developing numerous applications that will execute on the top of system software. So maintaining the compatibility between the application program and system software is the biggest challenge for students while writing the application programming. Having knowledge of all the application programming language is a complex task because of the complicated syntax and procedures that are used for writing code in these languages. Not only syntax but all these languages are so wide in scope that it is really difficult to remember each and every concept of using it. These are capable of implementing any complex problem that a human can encounter. On the other hand, understanding and writing system level software is also a very difficult task because it requires knowledge oflow-level languages like C or C++. Both the application program and system program are interdependent on each other. Managing this dependency is also a challenge for students because with a minute change the program will not show the accurate output.

Few important tips to solve these problems

Being very important and complex course students should definitely gain knowledge of all the low level ashigh-level programming languages. Without having a deep understanding of these languages designing and implementing application program is just next to impossible. For learning these languages various tools are available for free which provide the drag and drop features for user and avoid writing lines of code. With these tools, the lines of code are generated automatically. Hence, it saves time for the developer. In order to manage the dependency between application level and system level programming, it is always better to use theopen source operating system. One of the best open source OS that can help you in solving your complex problems is Linux OS which supports all the major applications and technologies.

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