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Annotated Bibliography

Scholars who conduct research have to refer to thousands of books, magazines, websites, internet sources and journals. The theses and dissertations written by scholars in turn become valuable sources for future scholars to refer to. Hence, every research report is essentially followed by a list of references. Every research report also includes a section in which the scholar takes a review of related literature published on the topic. The bibliography is a list of books, journals etc. that the researcher has referred to for the purpose of study. It is important because when scholars select similar topics for research, they can refer to the same books and journals. Giving details like the title of the book or article, the name of the writer /writers, the date of publication, edition, volume number, page numbers, and publisher is a common practice in writing the bibliography.

Some guides insist that these details are not enough.  Hence, they instruct the research scholars to give a few more details about the contents of the book or article, a brief description and interpretation, so that the future scholars or other researchers can get an exact idea of what the book contains and decide how useful it will be for their research projects. When a bibliography contains a description along with an evaluative paragraph, it is called an Annotated Bibliography. An annotated bibliography adds to the relevance, accuracy and quality of the bibliography.

Difficulties involved in writing an annotated bibliography

  • One cannot write annotations without reading the book.
  • A casual reading is not enough; one may have to read the book / article one or more times, at least some parts of it, to write annotations.
  • Writing annotations requires the skill of writing summaries, expressing more in the fewest possible words.
  • It is necessary to have a good command of the language to write good annotations.
  • After reading the book and understanding it well one is in a position to evaluate and judge it. Many students are unable to write evaluative comments in the annotation.
  • Students are unable to decide which details to include and which to omit in the annotations. They must be able to identify the most important elements in the book.
  • Sometimes, it becomes difficult to fit all important points within the limit of 150 to 200 words which is the prescribed word limit for annotated bibliography.
  • Each and every article and book may not be relevant to the research, yet, in order to write an annotated bibliography, it is necessary to read the books in detail. Students do not have time for extensive reading.
  • Annotations are different from abstracts and the difference is difficult to maintain.
  • Annotations are critical in nature hence students must also possess critical skills to write annotations.

Important topics covered in writing an annotated bibliography

  • Conducting an informed library research
  • Locating relevant books, periodicals, journals, documents and other sources.
  • Citing the book or document using the appropriate style (MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago etc.)
  • Preparing a list of books/ documents and classifying them; segregating the MUST READ.
  • Reading the books identified as important.
  • Noting down the central theme and supporting details.
  • Writing a brief, compact, comprehensive, evaluative, critical annotate.
  • Difference between annotations and summary / synopsis or abstract.
  • Adding the author's background.
  • Emphasizing the positive aspects of the book / author.
  • Commenting on the shortcomings in a positive way.
  • Recommending book /article for future scholars.
  • Making the annotation highly informative and useful.
  • Following the alphabetical order by author's surname or title.
  • Using appropriate punctuation marks and capital letters in citations

24 hours online help

Writing an annotated bibliography is a difficult, challenging and extremely time consuming task. Researchers have to spend more time in such technicalities than in the actual research. Half the excitement of conducting research dies down when students start preparing annotated bibliographies. Universities refuse to accept and approve theses if the bibliographies are not annotated systematically.

In order to help the students with the tedious part of the research project like writing annotated bibliographies, we have appointed a team of experts in all subjects and disciplines. They are well-acquainted with books, journals and other sources for their specialized subjects. They are well read and already have notes and summaries of most books. They can adapt the annotations to suit your purpose without wasting much time in reading. If necessary they read books and articles and prepare excellent scholarly annotated bibliographies which you can add to your research reports and fulfil all conditions laid down by the university. Whenever you want an annotated bibliography is a short period of time, we are available online to assist you contact us with detailed instructions and avail of help instantly. offers Annotated Bibliography Assignment Help, Annotated Bibliography Assignment Writing Help, Annotated Bibliography Assignment Tutors, Annotated Bibliography Solutions, Annotated Bibliography Answers, Academic Writing Assignment Experts Online. We offer excellent academic writing service or assignment help that makes a difference in your academic curriculum.

Simple procedure

  • Online registration by filling an online form
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  • Requesting for your requirements and uploading details of project.
  • Getting an expert assigned to you
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It is so simple and convenient! No waste of time in reading books and articles. No struggling with critical and evaluative capacities. While you concentrate on your core research, we prepare the annotated bibliography for you.

Since we insist on quality work and conduct a quality check periodically, we ensure only the best annotated bibliographies to our clients.

Our experts will deliver the list of books, formatted as per style guide mentioned by you. Every comma, every full-stop is at the right place in the citations. The dates, volume number URLs of internet sources are duly cited and elaborated as per norms. There is description; there is a critical viewpoint and evaluation. You will get a neat, compact package of the annotated bibliography delivered to your mailbox!

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