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.NET is a combination of multiple technologies. This technology helps software developers design web-based distributed systems. Several individual parts, called components of software, from a single system. Different programming languages or different programming applications can be used to design these components. With a general set of the hub, functionality.NET technology allows these different mechanisms to work reliably with each other. If defined under Microsoft environment, Dot Net is a new structure that helps in the development of windows based and web based applications. .NET framework changed the Microsoft's policy of application development by moving it from client-focused to server-focused.

Importance of Dot Net Course

There are 5 main important principles of.NET framework from a user point of view is:

.NET framework helped users to access their personal information from can now be accessed from anywhere and at any time. It intended to start a trend of renting of software as hosted service replacing the typical store purchase system.

.NET will provide a connection between users and a large number of computers, services that will pass/merge objects and data rather than interact with single website or application. In short, it will remove all the boundaries between the application and the internet.

Newer technology will be invented for interaction with application data. For example, Speech and handwriting recognition.

Dot Net technology made those things possible that were hard to do like integrating phone, email and fax services, centralizing all the information storage and simultaneously updating all computing device of an individual user.

Why students should prefer to join Dot Net programming course?

.NET as a software framework has given a considerable measure of system functionality to programming dialects, and applications, design to utilize it. It offers help for complex information structures (records, and so forth.), access to documents, XML read/composing, and so on (system services) and numerous more elements. This is done through a typical interface, however, more imperatively a typical run time. Along these lines, the components are actualized the very same manner for all. Its real utility is that it brings languages like C++ and VB up to a typical base. Due to .NET framework a VB.NET programmer has identical abilities as a C# programmer. It has greatly simplified the process of powerful application creation. Numerous things that one needed to code utilizing C++ and MFC are now predefined in the framework. Complex applications can be pivoted much quicker now. For instance, XML handling required a great deal of complex work in C++. With .NET and C# there are writer classes and in built reader which diminished the coding down to 25% and talk all the short work out. VB.NET is essentially the VB dialect with augmentations to bolster the .NET interfaces and objects. ASP.NET is for building dynamic server pages, using C# or VB.NET.

Skills required for completing.NET programming course assignment

Broadly there are 3 types of skills needed to complete .NET programming course assignment.

Server Side Skills:

Web Form - The Official Microsoft ASP.NET Site web form skills

MVC - The Official Microsoft ASP.NET Site MVC - Developers can make fast, secure and beautiful web applications easily with the help of this framework. Therefore, this skill is considered most important.

Language: Good understanding and knowledge in C#/VB.Net

Client Side Skills:


Jquery and JavaScripts

UI framework e.g. Bootstrap.

Database Knowledge

MS SQL Server Recommended - Data or information is one of an essential part of app development, including .NET. Knowledge of at least Microsoft's own SQL databases and if possible updated technology like No SQL. Performance and Optimization of web pages are dependent on this skill.

Difficulties encountered while writing .NET Assignment

As we already know that a broad range of skills is required to write a quality .NET assignment. Students often do not have adequate knowledge of databases to improve performance and optimization. Similarly, it is very hard for students to master so many languages including C#, VB.NET, HTML, Javascript and user interface frameworks like Bootstrap. A model View Controller frameworks concept too is hard to understand and implement.

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Dot Net is an extremely useful technology developed by Microsoft and often attracts a large number of assignments being given by the faculty of colleges. But when it comes to working on .NET this topic demands a lot of hard work and practice. Students find it hard to manage time and put in the effort to utilize the enormous power of .NET. Poor performance in assignments by students results in bad grades. Students need assistance and we provide one 24x7. Our service is accessible via Email, Live Chat, and Phone. We along with our team of technocrats, who can program and develop any .NET assignment in the quality manner, provide an Online help service for .NET students all over the world.  Live chat feature connects students directly with our .NET experts to clear their doubts at all levels. Instant support in JSP Assignment is just few clicks away at Expertsminds. We provide answers to even most complicated tasks related to .NET Assignment.

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