Study Tourism in the USA - Know everything about Tourism programs and studies in US!

Study Tourism in the USA

The tourism industry in the United States has been developing for a long time. It is growing as a popular cultural activity. Even today, tourism is considered as an economic industry in the United States of America. Since the invention of the automobile and the airplane, it has been continuously evolving. International students looking to make a career in this growing industry can also study from fellow United States of America.

Today, tourism is considered a $1.3 trillion sector of the US economy and in 2010, American people and students visited 50 US states. It was reported by the US Department of Commerce that tourism forecasts include approximately 64 million international travelers. These travelers spent $152 billion traveling in 2011, leading to a 13% monetary increase and there was expected to be a 6 to 8 percent annual increase from 2010 to 2016.

The demand for people with degree in tourism industry is very high as the number of tourists and travelers is increasing continuously in the state. Tourism is considered as the first, second or third major employer in 29 different states. As of 2004, 7.4 million people had multiple jobs for careers in tourism. There are many options for international students who want a career in tourism. Jobs in tourism can be tourism specialist, travel writer / blogger, travel agent, travel consultant, hotel or restaurant manager, and tourism specialist. Working in Marketing and Public Relations is also included. For all these jobs you must have degree in tourism. There are many universities and businesses in the United States of America that offer degrees to students interested in tourism.

There are many universities in America which are very popular for students studying tourism. The George Washington University and the University of Central Florida offer tourism and management degree programs to international students and lead them to a successful career. There are many other popular tourism institutes in the US that offer internship as well as study to the students. Florida is one such university that gives students the opportunity to work and gain experience with company departments every semester, as well as offering paid internship programs to students. The company's divisions include publicity, advertising, public relations, creative services, industry relations, research and corporate communications.

Getting a degree in tourism can be very beneficial for the career of the students. There are many places to work for students who are planning to make a career after earning a degree in tourism. They can choose to work in any state, say New York City, where most tourists visit and the most attractive city in the United States of America. Apart from New York, the city of Florida in the United States of America is also quite attractive, attracting close to 70 million tourists annually. The cities of Louisiana, Nevada, New Orleans and Las Vegas are also considered among the top party destinations that attract millions of visitors. Apart from this, there are many cities in America which are quite attractive and attractive, therefore attracting millions of tourists such as Utah, Colorado and New Mexico.

Tourism is one of the growing industries day by day where there is a high demand for international students and staff every year and many educational opportunities are also available for this. The tourism industry is very much developed at present and will continue to grow more in the coming times, so students studying tourism can be sure of this and can think of making a career in it.

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