Top Schools to Study Tourism in the USA - Find Best Universities of USA which offer Tourism Degree Program!

Top Schools to Study Tourism in the USA

The tourism industry continues to grow in importance in the United States of America and there are many top schools located in the US offering degrees in tourism studies. A large number of international students come to the US every year to study and get internship opportunities. In today's article, we are telling about the top tourism schools in America, where the degree and experience are provided to the students.

Find best Tourism schools and universities of USA where international students can apply for Tourism degree programs.

The United States of America is home to the top schools offering degrees in tourism where international students come every year to participate in the degree program. The importance of tourism industry is increasing not only in America but all over the world due to which more and more students are looking for schools to study it. Top schools in the US are popularly known for certain criteria such as knowledge and experience, awards and campus location Tourism degree programs offered by business schools to international students. There are many top schools in the United States offering degrees in tourism. Students earning a tourism degree have to take courses in history, economics, biology, architecture, marketing, business, anthropology, geography and social sciences and earn internships.

The School of Tourism and Hospitality Management at Temple University is very popular in America and Haas Wilkerson is also a Gold Pinnacle Award winner. Temple's Event Leadership Executive Certificate Program has been selected and awarded for its Event Management Program by the International Festivals and Events Association from several institutions in the world. These schools are able to offer Bachelor of Science to the students in Hospitality Management. International students participating in this program are required to complete at least 124 credit hours and complete an internship. Graduate students have the opportunity to work in majors as managers and event planners. Students studying at Temple University have the opportunity to gain further experience with internships at Hyatt Hotels, Walt Disney World, the Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation and national tourism organizations. International students are required to take several core courses in tourism and hospitality marketing, tourism planning, hospitality management and more in this degree program.

Florida International University School of Hospitality and Tourism Management are considered one of the best schools in the United States of America. International students who wish to study tourism can consider this school. International students are provided with the opportunity to learn in one of the top American tourist destinations. These schools are capable of providing state of the art instructional facilities and academic excellence to the students. International students who want to earn graduates and master in tourism can earn by Florida International University. It provides many courses to students in which practical experiences and academics are given importance. Students graduating in this school will have to work for 300 hours internship and 1,000 hours and complete educational courses.

Apart from Florida, there is some best tourism schools located about which international students can consider for studies: University of Central Florida, Brigham Young University, University of North Carolina, Diego State University and Oklahoma State University.

To study in any school in the United States of America, some prerequisites have to be fulfilled. Students interested in studying tourism must pass certain tests to enter the top schools in the United States, such as the American College Test (ACT) or the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT). High scores on these exams can help you get into college in America. Students who take the SAT have to send their test results to the college of their choice. International students can contact the US College Testing Program and send scores to the school they choose. The US service offices have information about test dates and locations. International students whose native language is not English must pass an English language proficiency test to apply to schools. There are two types of this exam which include International English Language Testing System (IELTS) and Test of English in Foreign Language (TOEFL). If an international student has studied high school in the US, then he is exempted from taking the TEFL and IELTS. If a student has earned a bachelor's degree in the US, he or she may be admitted to the school without taking a language test. Similarly, there are many other requirements that international students have to fulfill at the time of entering the school. These requirements may be different for all schools in the US, so students should contact the school they wish to apply for.

The United States of America is considered a very good place to study tourism as there are many colleges and schools in the US that offer degrees in tourism to the students. International students should research the many schools in the US and find out about the various topics in tourism. Consider schools that offer real world experience through internships and help students build a successful career. As we mentioned, international students have to meet several requirements including English language proficiency test and college placement test to get into top tourism schools.

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