Careers Opportunities in Tourism Program in the USA - Know the Available Jobs for International Students!

Careers Opportunities in Tourism Sector in the USA

Do you want to know the careers opportunities in tourism sector or program in US?, what are the available jobs in tourism sector? Is it right decision to apply for tourism program in US?

The tourism industry in today's time has been able to generate a lot of money from many industries such as oil exports, food products and automobiles and also has a lot of career options. There are many career options for students in this non-perishable service.

Not only in the United States of America, but in many big countries, tourism has become a big and important source of income, due to which career options are developing in it. There has also been a significant increase in the number of international tourists and from 1950 to 2010 this number increased to 940 million. In 2010, the tourism industry generated $919 billion, which is the largest production for the international level. Tourism accounts for more than 5% of international economic activity. There has been a steady increase in tourism jobs all over the world and the doors of jobs and careers are opening up for people in travel and tourism.

International students studying tourism and interested in a career should learn about the growing job markets and sources of income in the tourism industry. It should be found out that in which countries around the world tourism is increasing more. China, India and South-East Asia have the potential to grow more, and at the same time, Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America are also growing in the tourism industry as there are attractive tourist destinations. If we look at the market data, the number of tourists in these areas has increased from 32% to 47%, due to which the job market has also increased. International level tourists are getting attracted towards the market. Tourist destinations absorbed 88% in 1950 but increased to 55% in 2010 as emerging markets attracted tourists.

It is predicted by the World Tourism Organization that the number of tourists will increase to 1.2 billion in 2020 and the tourism industry is expected to grow all over the world. The top tourist regions with the potential to grow the most are the Americas (282 million), Europe (717 million tourists), East Asia and the Pacific (397 million) and South Asia, East Asia, and the Middle East. These are the sectors where maximum number of jobs will be available in tourism and hence international students must consider these sectors while making a career decision.

International students who wish to pursue a career in travel and tourism must hold a associate's or bachelor's degree. International students who have a bachelor's degree are offered several options. Students can choose the study options of their choice, which include travel entertainment, tourism management, destination management, and hospitality and hotel management. Degree in Travel Services will provide International students with useful skills to pursue different careers. This degree also provides many career options to the students such as Corporate Travel Representative, Travel Guide, Transport Coordinator, Convention Planner, Tourism Manager, and Hotel Administrator. The advent of online comprehensive travel services may reduce the job opportunities for travel agents and international students may not be interested in this career.

There are good career options for international students in travel and tourism which offers various job placements and opportunities to the students. The tourism industry will continue to grow now and the income of the people working in the future will also increase significantly. Regions such as Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe have seen an increase in the number of tourists, and new tourist destinations and markets have also developed significantly, opening up many career opportunities for students aspiring to tourism.

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