Study Fine Arts in USA - Know about Master of Fine Arts (MFA) & Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Degree Programs in US

Study Fine Arts in USA

Are you one of those students who are interested in earning a degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts, you can get this degree immediately after your high school diploma. According to the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD), the United States offers 315 Fine Art College for International Students, due to which students have a lot of options. All the colleges in America are recognized. There are many programs and studies options in this field. You have to consider in which study you are interested in and in which field.

Fine arts include many programs such as acting, ceramic, drawing, painting, photography, musical theater, sculpture, interior design and many more. Students interested in areas such as architecture, fashion and sculpture can get its offer in New York or Massachusetts City. States such as California or Washington have animation, acting and film production sectors for which you can choose these states. When you are thinking of moving forward in your area, you should also get information about the professors and the selected department of that school because you can be inspired by the knowledge taught by them in your career.

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The BFA degree is also known as Bachelor of Creative Arts (BCA) or Bachelor of Visual Arts (BVA) but it happens only in a few countries. This degree is for international students who are interested in the visual or performing arts and wish to pursue an education. In the US, the Bachelor of Arts and BFA differ in that the study of liberal arts is more focused. In most college BFA degree programs, 2/3 of the time is devoted to the study of fine arts and 1/3 of the time to liberal arts, which includes literature, philosophy, language, history, math, and science.

Throughout the course of the BFA program, international students will focus more on the principles of art such as drawing, sculpting and painting for 2 years and then focus on their remaining studies in the third year after being able to do so. During this course, students can begin their internship preparation and search and focus on preparing for a specific career. Students from Rhode Island School of Design, College of Fine Arts get the opportunity to work with companies like Google, Disney and Cartoon Network which we all know are very big and well known companies. Some students may also have the opportunity to work in art galleries or museums.

About Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in US

Do you know how much time students take to complete BFA degree? BFA degree is usually a 4-year degree course during which students get an opportunity to interact and network with big companies through internship. This internship strengthens your resume and gives you career experience. When students complete their graduation, they have many options to showcase their art and work independently as well as opt for specialization in art forms. One can also choose careers in this field in design, architecture, or teaching. And if you want, you can also get Master of Fine Arts and Fine Arts Certificate which will be quite beneficial.

The Fine Arts Certificate aims to help you increase your knowledge of the arts and skills and build a strong portfolio for a design career or graduate school. International students choose a certificate program because such programs are very flexible and for this, the facility of online study is given which students prefer more. If you are an international student and interested in or enroll in certificate program then you should choose Fine Arts College it will be better for you. There are many certificate programs that provide students with studios on campus and allow them to attend seminars as well.

Credit hours requirements

If international students choose the Certificate of Fine Arts, they will be required to take 30 credit hours of classes for drawing, painting, digital photography, art-making concept development. But these classes can start monthly or yearly. Duration of certificate program is Minimum 9 months to two years for students.

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About Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in USA

MFA degrees are obtained after BFA degrees by fine arts students to study more extensively. These programs include the visual arts, creative writing, filmmaking, dance, or theatre/performing arts fields and require 2-3 years of postgraduate work to complete. But it is not necessary that you can apply for MFA degree only if you have BFA degree. As long as you have a bachelor's degree you can apply for it. But keep in mind that the entry requirements for this degree include a portfolio or a performance audition.

Let us know a little bit about the MFA degree. Both the MFA degree and the MFA digmaster of arts (MA) are completely different. The MA degree is more focused on a particular area or important study. And MFA degrees are related to practice in a particular field. You should continue researching for the MFA program which will be focused entirely on completion of the program. MFA is the highest degree that can be obtained by students who want to study fine arts. There are a number of colleges for the study of fine arts in the US that have also implemented PhD programs in the fields of creative writing, the visual arts, and theatre. You can also choose this option.

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