Study Photography in the USA - Know Everything about photography degree & photography internship in US!

Study Photography in the USA

Are you interested in photography and you love to go to different places to do photography and show your art. And do you want to make a career in it and open your own photography studio, and then this article is perfect for you. Do you want to make your photos popular all over the world and be seen in media publications, sports news, art exhibitions, or high fashion magazines If all of these you are interested then America is a very good place to study photography place you might consider this.

Get your photography degree in the US

There are a number of colleges/schools available to study photography in United States of America offering top degree in photography to international students. Many of these schools are included in the top ranking list which are as follows Art Institute of Chicago, Rhode Island School of Design, San Francisco Art Institute. When students decide to participate in an event, they will need to prepare a portfolio of their photography work that will be seen by faculty and peers and can be used to show them in graduate programs.

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What to expect from a photography program

When an international student looks for a program to study photography, it is important for him to consider what he expects from the program. Bachelor's degree programs in photography help their students develop the techniques, principles and skills of photography. And these programs focus on black and white or color photography, digital photography, darkroom processes and color balance. In the study of photography, you will be working on a variety of equipment. You will learn how to photograph both 2-D and 3-D subjects in the study and learn how to shoot with a 35mm camera and learn how lenses, tripods and film work. Students are taught the skills of shooting in the sun, positioning and point-of-view techniques. Photography is a very fun and interesting subject.

Photography programs teach students to develop a personal style and express ideas, feelings and information through them.

If you are a photography student then you can consider about some courses which are as follows:

  • 3-dimensional design
  • 2-dimensional design
  • Photojournalism
  • Art history
  • Digital cameras

Choosing your photography track

For students who want to gain a comprehensive knowledge of photography from an undergraduate photography degree, there are many schools of choice, such as fashion, fine arts or photojournalism. You should choose a track that interests you. For example, if you are interested in fashion, you can study it and you can do internships in professional studios and work with models, make-up artists and clothing designers. You will get to learn a lot from this; similarly you can study about any subject. There are many schools that offer classes on fine art photography to help you take up creative photography. If you talk about the field of photojournalism or documentary photography, then this can also be a great option for you. In this, you study topics like telling stories through pictures and sharing thought-provoking images with the world. There are many schools in the US that will offer a wide variety of photography opportunities.

If you want to make a career after bachelor degree in photography then you have many options like photo editor, museum and gallery staff, multimedia specialist, photographer collector, photo lab technician, advertising photographer, portrait photographer, and photojournalist or travel photographer. While selecting any of these areas, you should think about what you will do after that.

Getting experience with a photography internship in USA?

You all must know about what an internship is. International students also consider photography internships when they study photography. As an undergraduate they look for internships as these are very important for students' careers and internships give you the opportunity to interact with professional photographers, galleries, magazines and agencies, learn about them and work together. The school you enroll in helps you find internships for you. Internships can get you letters of recommendation and many job opportunities.

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Earning a graduate degree in photography in US

If you want to pursue a master's degree in photography, then the duration for this is two to three years. In this degree you will spend most of your time working in person and meeting with your professor several times a week. So did not think about attending classes with the students or going to the lecture hall. For this you will also have to prepare a thesis. If seen, every degree program is different, let's know about some of the features.

Individual work/faculty advisor: Students have to meet mentors during their studies and participate in regular critiques along with peers. Along with this, the students get to know the individual direction through their faculty members and focus on it. Students' progress will be assessed at the end of each semester

Thesis and Exhibition: There is one more phase that students focus on before earning a degree. Faculty mentors work closely with students to give advice and students to prepare their thesis about their performance and at the same time complete the oral exam.

Attend seminars/listen to guest speakers: Students research contemporary issues in their art and photography while they study Students meet professionals who critique their work and offer theoretical topics for research. And some semesters put more emphasis on specific topics of the students.

Students who choose to pursue a bachelor's degree in photography can participate in any of the activities listed. The undergraduate degree covers areas such as peer and faculty critique, independent/individual work, and thesis and exhibition of your portfolio.

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