Are You looking for a fine arts college in US? Find Top Fine Arts Schools in the USA!

Top Fine Arts Schools in the USA

When International Students select the Fine Arts sector in US, they consider from where they should study it. United States of America is a country where a large number of international students choose to study. But there are more than 300 fine arts schools in the US, out of which students will have to select a school, for this they have to find some methods that can reduce their discovery and easier. There are many specific schools for such international students who want to provide them best education. When you study the college for the study of fine art, it is necessary to consider the opinion things like syllabus, facilities, faculty, and place.

Important factors to consider when looking for a fine arts college in US:

  • Curriculum
  • Alumni
  • Facilities
  • Location
  • Faculty


First of all, make sure that all the works are available in the school you are considering studying and they include all the subjects that you are interested in, there are changing artistic trends with this.

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This can also be a proper curb but it is not necessary that it should be an important factor. In this, such schools are identified who have included the past. 


When you take admission in school, and then know what facilities the school provides you. And with this, what school provides new technologies and equipment that you need


Whenever you think of taking admission in school, there is an important factor about which they are necessary. The location on which you have seen your school, are those locations right for you, your health is from big or small town. It is so important to know about the location because those schools will be like your home for you for a few years where you will live.


The faculty of any school puts great enthusiasm on the career of a student because for a few years you must have been working with your professor who will give you good knowledge of your area. You check whether they have skills or prizes received in any possible field.

American College Ranking Online has entered with several Fine Arts Colleges. Based on some factors, these schools were judged on 5 parameters. These schools offer a graduate program in MFA and BFA in Fine Arts. And some students provide post baccalaureate certificates. More than 100 schools have been included in this list, but the top 5 schools are as follows.

  • Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland (4.2)
  • School of the Art Institute of Chicago in Chicago, Illinois (4.4)
  • Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan (4.2)
  • Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, Rhode Island (4.6)
  • Yale Universityin New Haven, Connecticut (4.5)

Out of the top 5 schools placed in this list, 3 schools have got the highest rankings. These provide the best programs of fine arts and are recognized in which students can take admission. Faculty members of these schools also teach with good knowledge.

Rhode Island School of Design

Not only the US but also the Ride Island School of Design (RISD) is popularly founded which was established in 1877 and has 180 undergraduate and 370 graduates and 50 other countries have been nominated. If we talk about Major undergraduate, then there are 14 and graduates are 14 which are ceramic, film, glass, ilastation, textile and sculpture. This school provides international students an opportunity to grow cross-disciplinary tracks and work with faculty patron.

It consists of 350 faculty members including Chris Van Alagberg (Children's Book Illustrator and Polar Express for Jumanji) and several artists. This school also offers campus museum in which more than 4000 works are displayed. This school provides various skills obtained faculty for laser cutters and kiln rooms and students, and equipment used. The school is near the school Johnson and Wales Cooking Museum and Benefit Street in the US. It includes the earlier students include Seth McFarlen (Family Gai) and Steven Kelog (Children Book Illustrator).

Yale University

Talking about Yale University, it is not only for fine art but also the top ranked universities in medical, business and law schools which are quite popular in America. It was established in the US in 1701, including 5,300 undergraduate and 6,100 graduate and professional students. A large number of international students come to this university for studies. This school may have to face a lot of competition to enter for studies because this school is not only for the students of fine arts.

In the MFA program, students get graphic design, painting and printmaking, photography, sculpture, theater management, acting options and the BFA program offers artistic and media courses options. Most of the faculty of this school has been honored for their skills and functions. It is an art gallery for British works since the 1500s, a print shop for silk screening, a photography lab with a dark room, much theater and a digital media center. Earlier students include Electronic Arts co-founder Bing Gordon and video gamemaker Jordan Matheer and established near Yale Pebody Museum of Natural History, Long Wharf Theater and Binake Rare Book and Manuscript Library.

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School of the Art Institute of Chicago

The School of Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), which was formed in the US in 1866, has 3,200 students nominated and enrolled in large numbers. This school is the largest fine art school in the US which has been described as recognized. This school also provides post-bailout certificates in fashion, body and design or studio art. International students should know about programs like art therapy, time art and visual communication to enter this school.

The school has more than 500 faculty members who know well and updated about the use of new techniques. It is ensured by the Center for Computer Resources and Information Technology (CRIT) whether international students understand all the latest equipment and they do not have its training. The school has LCD projector in the classroom. Audrey Nifanegger (Author) and Walt Disney (Animators) have joined SAIC. Chicago Cultural Center, Michigan Avenue and John Hancock Observatory are all nearby.

To study in the US, an international students need to find less schools as we have told about the best 3 Fine Art Schools in the US in this article. All these school students provide study, famous faculties, status of art facilities and interesting places for students. Apart from these schools, you should also do research and all schools should be monitored to study in the US and consider which schools in America are best for fine arts and for applying in these colleges. 

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