Study Music in the USA - Know Everything about Music Programs & Music Degrees to Study in US!

Study Music in the USA

Do you love to listen and sing music and do you want to take its education. As we know, music in any form is one of the most entertaining fields, it is a field that anyone can enjoy and participate in, whether playing an instrument, singing or listening to it. If you are a dedicated and talented person who is really interested in music, then you can get a higher education degree. There are many programs for this can be small, highly selective. But with this a degree in music can be a lot of fun.

Before considering studying for a music degree in America, it is important to know about the programs there as there are many programs that offer music degree.

  • Bachelor of Music Education (B.M.E)
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.)
  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
  • Bachelor of Science (B.S.)
  • Bachelor of Music (B.M.)

When students think of stepping into the world of music, Bachelor of Music (BM) degree comes to mind as it is the most common degree in the world of music with duration of 4 years. This degree covers subjects such as performance, composition, history, theory, jazz studies, music production, church music and music technology, and most courses deal with music theory, history and performance. It takes 4 years to complete a fine arts degree and in many cases it can take more than 4 years. Many schools offer other degrees like BFA but BM is the most appropriate and popular degree.

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Bachelor of Arts (BA) degrees include liberal arts courses such as mathematics, science, literature and history, as well as music courses. The duration of Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree is 4 years, you have to attend the program for 4 years. If an international student is interested in this degree, then with this one can get specialization in music business and music administration. If we talk about the difference between BA degree and BM/BFA degree, then the biggest difference is that there is no sophistication assessment for BA degree and no audition is required and at the same time keeping this program. No playing is required for this. Talking about BM/BFA degree programs, it is based on music principles. Bachelor of Music Education (BME) degrees can be obtained by students who are interested in and want to study music from elementary to high school and take music education classes. And Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees are meant for obtaining degrees in fields other than music.

There are many music schools in America which are top-notch and provide many opportunities and inspire students to move forward in the world of music. If you have a bachelor's degree, then you can get a Master of Music (MM) degree, a Master of Education (MME) degree, and a Master of Arts (MA) degree. If you want to become a music professor at a college or university, you have great degree options such as a PhD or Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA). And with this you also have options in the world like musicology, ethnography, accompanying, organizing or conducting.

The United States is home to many study areas and there are a number of more than 100 concerts from which international students will need to consider a single university and region. They have to be particular about the region, what concerts are performed in that region. And with this it is also important to think about the professor of the school with whom you would like to study. There are a lot of options in the US for which the selection process can be a bit tricky. Listed below are the top music schools in America.

  • Juilliard School, NY
  • Indiana University (Jacobs School of Music), IN
  • Curtis Institute of Music, PA
  • University of Michigan (School of Music, Theatre, and Dance), MI
  • University of Rochester (Eastman School of Music), NY
  • University of Rochester (UR)

The University of Rochester (UR) which is located in New York City comes first in the list of Top Music Schools in America and it is a private school. There are 130 Pulitzer Prize-winning and Grammy-winning faculty members in this realm. These programs are capable of awarding BM, BA and BS degrees to the students. If we talk about the admission of the students in Eastman School, then they are required to give auditions for this, only then students are accepted. There are different dates for auditions which are decided by the school. Eastman School is also popular in the US and China. They set audition dates in some cities in China. Audition dates for the program are late October to early February.

There are certain requirements for the applicants to take admission which include general convocation, test on theory and musicality. Along with this the students will also have to face the group interview which will be conducted by the staff members. In this, you can ask them about the pieces of their memory and much information. It will involve students from all over the world and the competition can be tough. In addition to auditions, especially international students will be required to provide TOEFL scores on the basis of which admission will be granted. 25% of the Eastman student body is made up of international students that span from South Korea to Canada. International students will have to write an English essay.

Indiana University, which is located in Bloomington, Indiana and is included in the top ranking list, was founded in 1820. If we talk about the student body, then 70% are from Indiana, 49 out of the remaining 50 states and 165 are from foreign countries. Through this program, students get an opportunity to work individually with a faculty member of their choice. This school has 1600 students and more than 180 faculty members. The program offers BM, BME and BS degrees and conducts auditions for admission from January to March. In addition, it has a music library for students, 7 recording studios, 200 practice rooms and 4 performance halls.

Now if we talk about the University of Michigan (U-M), which is popular for music, theater and dance, it was founded in 1880 and is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. 3% of the student body is international students and 21% from Michigan. 150 faculty members and 1100 students are present in this entire program. BM, BFA and BS degrees are offered in this program. BS degree is also awarded for the sound engineering field. And BFA degrees are offered in Jazz Studies, Musical Theatre, Dance and Performing Arts Technology. The admission process includes auditions which run from December to March and the school offers 12 performance venues.

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If you are really interested in music and want to choose US programs then you need to keep in mind that you have to keep in mind the entry limit and that time limit for it. Keep the pieces ready for which you will have to audition and find out about many other requirements. One thing to note is that other schools have many programs that are not offered by these universities and may have to meet lesser requirements. You should start looking for a good program for your music education.

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