What do Examiners Look for in Dissertation? Know some Tips to Impress Your Examiner with Your Writing Styles!

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Dissertation is a final year project which is in the assessment form, differ from another regular assessment. In the dissertation student has to prepare a literature review based on his/her learning and taking responsibility to introduce the findings and discuss the outcomes there.

What are the main components of good dissertation which must be included in your writing?

What Examiners Look For in Your Dissertation

Dissertation enables the students to identify their area of interest which offer the opportunity to explore the area in depth where they can define their questions. Including experience the process of producing knowledge students learn to manage a product right from the beginning to the end. Dissertation contains original findings based on arguments, which is done by the students of PhD or doctorate.

Impress your Examiner and now some tips How To Improve Student's Academic Writing and Learning Skills

Writing a dissertation is very tough for students because students have to work on finding and manage them smartly so that one can connect with those finding easily. Most to the students don't do sufficient work in this ways and they just do nothing but stuffing the research randomly. This make the dissertation paper dull and less captivating for professor and it leaves negative impact on him. He clearly understands that student fails to understand the requirement and nature of evidences. What you need to do is, intense research on given evidences and on behalf of this, extract the conclusion with strong support of those evidences or proofs. Whenever students are asked to work on Dissertation, almost every student is worried and become anxious to complete it. They feel tons of burden on their shoulder and spend days stressfully. The reason behind this state is students don't have ample of knowledge about the dissertation. They are not familiar about what are dos and don'ts while writing the dissertation.

The students who are preparing for a dissertation have many questions in their mind like How Does an Examiner Evaluate Dissertation? how an examiner reads a Dissertation? What is Examiner's Expectation in Dissertation? What are the criteria that may boost the score of dissertation? How one can get better marks in dissertation? How does an examiner remark a Dissertation? What are the main components of good dissertation which must be included in your writing?

Let us know what do examiners look for in your dissertation and how an examiner reads a Dissertation??

Examiner looks for - From where student collected supporting material:

Before starting work on dissertation, first you have to collect the university guidelines and instructions from your professor. The entire requirement must be cleared. Next you have to do profound research on your selected topic. It is very important that collected raw material is from genuine source or not.

Examiner looks for - How good are References:

You need study materials for dissertation and these should be grabbing only from genuine sources. In simple words, references show the standard of your dissertation. In the end it's obligatory to enlist those references. The quality of references also comes in marking criteria so pay attention on this well. While referencing, keep in mind the format of reference which can be APA style, Harvard style or other.

Examiner looks for - Are you using proper language and words:

Examiner is very picky regarding mode of language you are using. In dissertation or in any kind of homework you should use only formal language. What kind of language you use makes the differences a lot there. Do not over use complex word and sentences structure because this can make the solution less understandable which is not your motive.

Examiner looks for - Dissertation is properly formatted or not:

One of the foremost, formatting is something which will decide how you will represent your dissertation to examiner. In the process of formatting, make sure these points should be as per given instruction which are, line spacing, side margin, font size, font style, table of content (TOC) and cover page etc.

Examiner looks for - Is your dissertation work plagiarized:

Your examiner will not entertain plagiarized solution. There are lots of plagiarisms checking tools which can help you to find out plagiarism in your research work. Take help of those tools to make your solution plagiarism free.

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Basics of How to write a prefect dissertation?

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How to Write Perfect Dissertation

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