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Transition to Practice

The MN 605 Transition to Practice course is concerned with developing the individual's role as an advanced practice nurse and teaches students about the additive process. In this course, students will explore the career path of the advanced practice registered nurse. Students will learn about independent and supervised practice models. Those who are interested in this course must check about the sustainability opportunities for primary care nurse.

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List of relevant courses, which are covered by the professional tutors of ExpertsMinds:

  • MN 501: Advanced Nursing Roles
  • MN 512: Leadership, Organizational Theory, and Behavior
  • MN 505: Epidemiology and Health Promotion
  • MN 502: Theoretical Foundations of Advanced Practice Nursing
  • MN 506: Health Policy, Ethical, and Legal Perspectives of the Health Care System
  • MN 513: Health Care Finance, Strategic Planning, and Budgeting
  • MN 504: Scientific and Analytic Approaches to Advanced Evidence-Based Practice
  • MN 507: Promoting Optimal Models and Systems for Health Care Delivery
  • MN 514: Human Resources Management
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