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SWK 342 Human Diversity

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This SWK 342 Human Diversity course aims to help students successfully manage relationships with people from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. The focus will be on the social systems, value orientations and lifestyles of major minorities in the United States, and the impact of prejudice, discrimination and racism. Students will be encouraged to explore their race and gain a deeper understanding of their origins. In addition, this course will explore interfaith differences, religion, and the Appalachian region.

The issue of human diversity is of great importance both in the United States and around the world. The new millennium can be a driving force for social change and acceptance, and an understanding of human diversity is at the heart of this problem. Human diversity, also known as cultural diversity, encompasses the diversity of human society and culture and examines their similarities and differences. Human diversity simply means innate differences between people. Research shows that these differences make each person unique and valuable in his or her rights. People are divided into different cultures. Culture develops behaviors, norms, and values ??that are appropriate for a particular environment and, over time, exerts traditional authority. Even if conditions or environments change, culture often does not change. A lifelong habit is an irresistible form of conditioning.

Throughout history, the world has been made up of different countries, so there are people with different cultures. Surprisingly, because of this composition, human diversity did not become the most important issue until recently. Theories show that with the intensification of globalization, human diversity is more important than ever. Globalization simply means that people are now crossing national borders to other countries to work, go to school, receive medical care, visit and live in other countries. This rise in globalization means that countries, societies and companies are becoming more and more intercultural or multicultural.

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