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CSC 102 Business Computing

This CSC 102 Business Computing course introduces general computer technology and business-oriented problems. Discuss in detail the use of computers, the abuse and ethical use of computers in business. Current software applications are explored through labs, demos and assignments. Students will explore the advanced use of applications, including spreadsheet processing and database information processing.

Business computing refers to the IT technologies that support organization, scheduling, customer management, and storage systems, just to name a few. Integration is a seamless combination of these technologies, ensuring that all hardware and software components interact correctly and consistently with each other.

Business computing and integration solve business problems and technical conflicts that arise when large numbers of people in large enterprises work together to solve different problems. For example, data collected from various sources may contain errors caused by the network and must be available or "integrable" across all corporate systems. Integrated operations enable companies to perform calculations on data that is subject to constant change.

Another key integration process involves converting data into a single format so that interactions between different data can be correctly described.

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