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SS 2035 Statistical Science

This SS 2035 Statistical Science course aims to provide some basic statistical tools to help you understand the concept of "data variability". These tools will allow you to analyze this variability so that you can conclude the data. It will help you understand:

  • What statistical methods and tests should be used when analyzing data?
  • How to use these methods and tests and where they come from.
  • What are the main assumptions of your chosen statistical test and what happens if these assumptions turn out to be wrong?

The course as well introduces breadth and unity of the field by presenting the full range of modern statistical ideas at an intermediate technical level, accessible to a wide range of practitioners, researchers and students studying statistics and probability.

In addition to using statistical methods and tests to analyze data, the first third of this course will discuss the concept of probability and how it can be used to model certain phenomena that occur in science, social science, and business. This course will explore the different types of probabilistic models (discrete and continuous) and show how to use them to predict future events.

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