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SPST 306 Human Space Flight

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SPST 306 Human Space Flight course explores the psychological and physical impacts of spaceflight on humans. It measures spaceflight and discusses the human factors in the engineering of spacecraft. Completion of the course enables students to:

  • Examine the types of human factors related to spaceflight.
  • Describe the different hazards of spaceflight.
  • Explain past, present, and future kinds of spacecraft habitats and life support.
  • Explain the significance of the coaching of astronauts.
  • Consider different sources of strain on space missions.
  • Explain classes of group dynamics that affect spaceflight.
  • Relate human factors at work and off duty doings during spaceflight.
  • Explain the effects of disasters on individual and group dynamics.
  • Explain the impact of space tourism on space travel and future space exploration.

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