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Video Killed the Radio Star Assignment Help

"Video Killed the Radio star" by The Buggles was the first video to be broadcast on MTV. How ironic was this, to be the first MTV video? Do you think there is a double meaning? MTV changed the entire music industry. How? 

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The first video which was launched during the network was the "Video Killed The Radio Star" by The Buggles, is considered to be raunchy and quite sensuous in nature. Nevertheless, the song is still known to be unknown in the States and also, the Buggles has been one of the reborn people, that would become as the biggest one-hit wonders and also be becoming a "Video Killed The Radio Star" and it was also the music video that would air on the MTV (Warner, 2019).

The video was rightly launched and it was also something very nice and cool to hear and it was connecting rightly to the chords of the audience.

There was also one of the music videos that has been shot within one day and also be becoming that was also airing on the basis of the MTV that also comes on the basis on 1979.

Form the basis of it, the Buggles which would also be based on the disbanded and also be devised on the basis of it. Through the memory, it would be devised on the basis of the Downes which would be making a last-second change which would be done on an ending.

In the video, it was shown how the original edited version, was shown everyone was up in arms and it was under which the young girl was there that was shown exploding from the pile of the old radios. It was thought while recording that video was probably not shown, but the video director named Russel Mulcahy had to edit it and the radio then exploded while even showing the girl in between. The video resulted in the countless discussions, imagination and also made the song longevity which made the video to have a dual meaning (Kretschmer, 2017).

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