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Use of Stem Cells in Regeneration Assignment Help

Since in Chapter 4 your textbook mentions injured nerve cells/tissue in the brain and spinal cord not being able to regenerate, read this article from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, explaining stem cells, which can potentially be applied to this problem: Stem Cell Article.  Summarize and give your opinion about the topic (it is very controversial politically and religiously).

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3The cells which give new or healthy cells to the body when it grows so that the specialized cells that are damaged or lost because of certain reasons can be replaced. If the stem cells are present in correct condition in the body or in the laboratory then these cells grow, multiply and form new daughter cells. After the stem cells divide into daughter cells two things can happen either the daughter cells will become new stem cells or it will become any specialized cell which will have a more specific function such as nerve cells, heart cells, blood cells etc.3Richard L Benton, Scott R Whittemore, Qilin Cao (2002)

1Stem cells are the only cells which have the capacity to replace or improve the function of specialized cells as no other cell in the body has this ability. For example, if a person has a brain injury and the cells are damaged then the body doesn’t have its own capacity to regenerate or improve the functioning of these cells hence improving the functioning of the brain but stem cells if transplanted into the patient’s body can help in recovering the patient.1Alison E Willing, Paul R Sanberg, Samuel Saporta, Svitlana Garbuzova-Davis (2005)

2The two variations of stem cells are embryonic stem cell and adult stem cell. The embryonic stem cells are found inthe embryos which are maximum 3-5 days old as it contains around 150 cells. And, the adult stem cells are present in smaller quantity in bone marrow or fat of adults. But it is generally said that adult stem cells have more ability to form various specialized cells.2 Ann M Parr, Armand Keating, Charles H Tator (2007)

1At the same time, it is a very controversial topic both politically or religiously because of the reason that when the embryonic stem cell is stored for usage then the embryo from which it is taken cannot be used further which is taken as killing of the fetus. But, the truth is those embryo’s are used for storage which were prepared for in vitro fertilization but were never inserted into the women’s uterus.1Alison E Willing, Paul R Sanberg, Samuel Saporta, Svitlana Garbuzova-Davis (2005)

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