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Policies for the Prevention of Elder Abuse Assignment Help

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Applying a major criminological, and/or sociological theory Policies for the Prevention of Elder Abuse. You will develop a proposed policy of the Prevention of Elder Abuse that you think should be implemented in the criminal justice system.  What is its nature? Who is bound by this policy? Why is there a need for this policy?  It must be all original work, must be valuable writing back up with facts without any fluffing.  The document must contain at least 10 peer-reviewed references, and all references must be cited in the work.

Next, analyze the five theoretical models given by Freiberg and Carson. Based on your analysis, upon which model do you think this policy implementation decision should be based? Why?


The elder abuse is about the actions that directly harms the people especially the older people or jeopardize the health of person or welfare. Hence, preventing it is one of the major concerns for older people. The elder abuse can be in the form of physical, emotional and sexual differences. There are elder abuses like the omission, commission or the failure which acts and leads to the major risk or the harm for the elder adult. The community and the community institutions need to focus on the assessment tool for the new and better policies which will be helpful on evaluating the prevention, detection and response to abuse (Baker et al., 2017). The program is about the policy makers, program managers and the service delivery organizations who are encourage to use Policy and Program Lens for the evaluation of the strengths and weakness.

Overview of Elder Justice Policy

Considering the American Population ages, the elder rights, abuse and the services need to be assured with the focus of the betterment for the senior people. It is seen that elders of 65 years and more are abused in large numbers. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which is known as Health Care Reform, has been made law on March 23, 2010, in order to protect the elder abuse. The Lens is helpful for developing and maintaining the supportive or positive culture at work along with better hiring practices which can directly influence the level and quality of care for old people.

The purpose of the policy Elder Justice Act (EJA) is mainly to work on the implementation and planning of the tactics which will lead to the diminishing of the probability for neglecting and remove abuse and exploitation, from the society (Butchart et al., 2015). The Act is for the different approaches and to attain better goals which will be important for the elder justice. Lens focuses on the policies, programs and the practices which need to be drafted and designed for the legal framework where the policies are to be used.


It includes the creation of a coordinating council with Advisory Board that is completely focusing on the proposing of different tactics which are involving the decreased abuse of the elder people with the levels matching at the local, state and the federal standards (Bobitt et al., 2018). The allocation is about the granting funds to the improvement of the staffing, quality of care and the technology set within long term care facilities. It helps in ensuring the federal funded facilities that generally direct to adhere to the strict guidelines for the report. The elder abuse has not been only the abuse in the physical standards, but it can be the sexual abuse, mental and the financial exploitation (Pillemer et al., 2016). It has been seen that in 1965, the Older Americans Act (OAA) was implemented to highlight the concern of major lack in the community services. It is seen that the perimeters were not specifically for the elder abuses, but Congress also amended Title XX for the Social Security. The Act has been authorized to plan and focus on the establishing of Protective Services for resolving the issues. They are for the elder issues, where the epidemic standards hold the dominant issues among the elder Americans.

 Who is bound by this policy?

The Government Accountability has been issuing the reports for the documentation with the acute quality of care with the long-term issues (Marson, 2016). The people who are involved in the elder abuse have to face punishments, if a complaint is registered against them.

 Why is there a need for this?

The Act is made for guiding the user’s analysis of the policies, programs and the practices from older person perspectives and then raises the awareness about the factors which can directly have a problem to old people (Curry et al., 2018). The user is prompted to consider about the policies, programs and the practices which might impact the abused older persons with specific groups of older people, with special needs. Hence, by this policy, the users are able to identify the negative implications of the policies, programs and the practices which could be used for identifying the actions that could be correct the problems. Also, the evaluation is based on the users are encouraged to seek solutions for the negative implications with identifying the policies, programs and the practices. The collaboration is done with the older people for whom the policies and the programs have been developed so that the users can be working to address the needs and then avoid any type of the unintended negative implication or effect.

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Theoretical Models by Freiberg & Carson

Considering the impression which is about the evidence-based police and practice, Freiberg & Carson have proposed:

a. Knowledge driven model: The model is about focusing on leading policies where the element of the inevitability is set with expert on top and for the extreme forms. There are abdications for the political choices and to match with the rational approach.

b. Problem Solving Model: This is for the policy and the issues that shape the priorities and then map for the specific research which is based on gathering the evidences. The planning is done to assist the policies with formulation and implementation (Jonson et al., 2016).

c Interaction Model: The approach highlights on the research and planning on the more confined complex and the subtle set of relationship for making the decisions. The planning is done to make sure that the different agendas are met and then there are contexts for the public services as well. The planning is found to be difficult to discern with influencing the archetypal example.

d. The political and the tactical Model: This is for highlighting on the different outcome procedures which are based on handling the instrumental fashion. The research is selectively for the supporting of the policies and the positions of the different purposes like the delay. There are margins which need to be handled based on the social science standards which are being seen to be politicized as well.

e. The enlighten model: The research highlights about the factors where the issues need to be framed and planned. The research is about serving the different agendas and planning about the direct fashion which will help in addressing the decisions and focus on framing to seek and illuminate the landscape which will be for the decision-making processes.

 Which model is best for the policy implementation?

The model which is efficient is the enlighten model which helps in serving towards the policies for the direct fashion (Labrum et al., 2015). There are certain indirect benefits which need to be handled depending upon the research and deriving the forms which do not address a forms of the decision problem. Hence, the relationship needs to be maintained with the venture that does not tend to entail for any downgrading or dismissal of the policies of criminal justice. Hence, the theory has been effectively able to focus on the intricacies and to plan about the inter-connection. It helps in confronting to the different cost benefit analysis and then focus on how the different constraints could be handled effectively. The consideration is about not only the elderly communities but also about handling the residential care facilities which are being designed as less expensive so that there are alternatives for them to work over the different chronic care needs (Roberto, 2016). The planning has to be done where the fragile groups in the society tend to hold the classes of socio-economic standards. The focus is on likelihood and planning the harshness of it with the higher probability that there is an increase in the coming time for the aging of population. The widespread is about handling the concern which is related to the moral and social standards.


The discussion is also on the threats to the health and safety of the older Americans, where the problem comes with the inflictions for the physical, emotional and the sexual harms that are done to the older clients (Bows et al., 2018). Considering the conceptual framework, there is a need to focus on the framework that addressing the elder abuse in society. Along with this, the focus has to be on addressing the different research priorities which will be about informing the policies and practices. There is a need to focus on defining success, prevention and the data collection to address the different sectors of resources and promote innovation.

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