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Organizational Behavior and Leadership Assignment Help

(a)  Demonstrate a critical understanding of organisational behaviour.

(b)  Demonstrate an ability to synthesise and apply knowledge and understanding of contemporary theories and research on organisational behaviour to the analysis of case study and research data.

(c)   Demonstrate an ability to research in depth an element of organisational behaviour, and present a coherent argument in essay form.

(d)  Integrate biblical frameworks into a contemporary understanding of leadership and organisational behaviour.

(e)   Apply knowledge in a critical evaluation of the organisation in light of a specific element of organisational behaviour, within an overview of organisational behaviour theory.

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Overview of the company

Coca-Cola Company is the organization selected for the current discussion on the organizational behavior and leadership issues study. This is located in a South Asian Country and catering to large consumer base in the region. The plant is the headquarters for the total region and has critical role in taking up the strategic decision for the organizational functionality. Coca-Cola is one of the few beverages companies, which excelled within a short time to the global operations. The company products are well received in almost all the corners of the world. As of now the company success can be recognized by the well recognized brand name of the company throughout the world, the quality the people are believing and the marketing strength and intensity the company is being seen . The availability of the products throughout the world and finally the commitment to the innovation the company is possessing at present. The company management is very much sensitive to the external factors in the local regions and often sensitively considers these factors in well establishment of the organization in these lines. The company is well recognized by its sub-ordinates in almost all the regions, particularly it has good tie-ups with the bottling partners and they are doing well with the culture and operational procedures of coca-cola. As a whole, all the stakeholders do have good recognition towards the coca-cola company and it is doing well with these products. Coca-cola Company is also making certain types of syrups and concentrates, which are being supplied to the external bottling companies, which are making the products out of them and distributing to the final consumers in variety of shapes, sizes, tastes etc. Coca-Cola is successful with these companies as well. It is making good business with these organizations and is successfully promoting the business with these organizations. Coca-cola is always recognized for the quality standards company for its compliance with the quality standards of the products, services quality and commitment for excellence in its endeavor for business. The current organization is located in an Asian country and it happened to observe the operations and organizational culture very nearly as part of the employee workforce and the findings are being presented as part of the organizational behavior analysis and with focus on the possible and necessary changes in this particular organization.

Organizational behavioral issues in Coca-cola Company and leadership problems:

Coca-Cola's organizational structure and its integrity and orientation towards decision making, is the particular aspect of its organization behavior studied in the current discussion. At the outset, the organization behavior is everything that decides the organization's orientation towards sustenance, decision making and functionality as well. When it comes to the beverage market, there is need for quick decision making from time to time. It is one of the few domains, where the companies do face stiff competition and every changing market conditions. Flexibility and yet orientation towards the needs of the organization are some of the most important aspects of the company that will decide the organizational sustenance. In this regard, the coca-cola company organizational structure cannot be said to be very flexible. The company organizational structure and its orientation towards the overall decision making and related functions is not very good. The management control is there in the organization, however there is need for much broadening the coverage and considerations by the company at present. The very first aspect that the coca-cola company is lacking in its operations is no compassion towards the employees and the employee participation in the key decision making for the organization. Normally the decisions are being taking from top to bottom. The direction of the information flow is from top to bottom and the decisions are taken by them and others normally need to follow them. Inspite of the fact that there are potential stakeholders in the company, whose insights and the creativity can be of good use for the organization, there is no such consideration being made. This might be due to the fact that the success will give blindness to the people and their insights to the organizational issues will become very much narrowed and often will follow the sake established track. They may feel that the decisions taken along the proven lines of action are riskless; however they may not be right in all time. The decisions being followed at present may get wrong with time and also it is possible that the organizations are not very much open to take up the new ideas and vision, they may end up in failure. Also it can be disserted case, but the contemporary globalization benefits can be tapped well when there is better adaptability(Costanza et al.,2016) towards internal talents. This can be achieved by remaining open towards diversity (Lozaono & Escrich, 2017) and tolerance of racial and cultural differences (Tjosvold, 2017). When there are good policies in the organizational culture to take advantage of the interracial talents and global work force, innovation and creative solutions are possible. This attitude is lacking in the current organization.

Established organizational structure and its contribution to the product development or for any other organizational functionality is everything that the organization simply does follow-with. For example if the company is about to deliver a new product into the market, the market investigation of the product will be done by the marketing specialist, Also the company new product confirmation with the product quality standards and other related aspects will be taken care by the organization nutrition specialist. In all such instances the company will completely rely on the decisions of these personnel and most of the products being manufactured by the company will follow the same cycle of the product development. However still the product has much to do with the other aspects of the evaluation of the strategy. There can be brainstorming on the internal teams. There can be benchmarking the product under development with the global and local developments etc. However still the company is not very much into these aspects It will follow the established routes and rely mostly on the internal capabilities of the company. Though this attitude is providing some success to the company, the company is losing market in many of the new products getting released into the company. At the outset, there are several new companies coming into the market with variety of new products getting released with. There are few companies that are relying on the local availability of the fruits and other products for development of its new products. Coca-cola is not actually using all these strategies and it is working mostly through its traditional and established tracks of business (King & Lawley,2016).

However one good thing in the organizational culture is empowering the employees, All the employees of the organization are empowered to work for the organization. Employees are provided with freedom to work effectively and they are provided with all the opportunities to excel in the chosen domain of their work for the organization. Coca-cola believes that the employee is the most important asset for the organization and also believes that the motivated employee will work for the best in class contribution for the organization.

Organizational behavior theories and concepts:

Organizational behavior does depend mostly on the leadership inforce in the organization(Bratton,2017). When there is good leadership in the organization, it is more likely that the organizational behavior also will be good. There are several theories in force regarding the leadership of the organization and the selection of the right leadership will depend mostly on the appropriateness of the organizational objectives, the type of organization and the environment prevailing etc. In any case, about eight important leadership theories explain and emphasize the leadership theories in general. Great man theory indicates that the leaders of the organization are actually not grown but they are born. It is also indicated that they are mythic and heroic. However they will be proclaimed to rise and take the lead in the organization in general. However still it is not the case always, the great man theory is not actually applicable in the current context. Greatman theory cannot be extrapolated to the current scenarios, the contemporary leadership tactics and procedures believe in rationale thinking but not in heroism. There may be exception abilities in some of the people, however still leadership is to be taught to the people and need to be provided with the necessary support for excellence but not assumed that it will be seen and created by its own in the people minds. Traits theory is similar to the Great-man theory and assumes that there are some inherent traits in the people that worked on to shape the leader. It is not anything else that worked to provide the necessary skill and edge to these peoples. However the theory assumes presence of certain basic qualities like self confidence, courage and extraversion. Contingency theory provided some realistic insights into the leadership success. The theory postulated that the leadership success can be attributed mainly to the prevailing external conditions like the type of followers the organization is possessing as well as the type of the environment in which the leader is working in. Hence there is nothing like one single particular type of leadership fit for all occasions as well there is nothing like one leadership succeeded in one platform can be generalized for all. The situational theory is all about taking the right decisions in the right time depending on the situation. When the leadership of the organization is capable to take up the right decisions based on the situation, then it is possible for the organization to succeed based on the particular scenario. Behavioral leadership theory is based on the concept like the leadership can be cultivated based on providing some behavioral changes. When employees are provided with behavioral changes it is more likely that they can cultivate certain qualities and will become good leaders for the organization. Management theory is a transactional style that does recommend a particular type of leadership style that fit well for the organization. Typically it can recommend a style that can provide stick and carrot type of management. Rewards for better doing and punishments for not doing the right duties for the organization. Motivational theory(Northouse, 2018) recommends motivating the employee for the betterment of the organization. Employees can be provided with motivation to do better performance and right leadership should include these traits as part of their leadership practices. Theories of motivation indicate that the performance of employees will be improved a lot by imparting the necessary motivation to the employees. A good organizational culture should fit with a right leader for taking up the organization towards better revenues and for better sustenance.

Organizational structure is an important element that decides the overall organizational behavior in general. The organizational structure can be simpler, bureaucratic or even it can be matrix structure too. Whatever may be the organizational structure (in most of the cases, the organizational structure will be decided by the organizational needs), should facilitate a better organizational culture(Rudolph,2016). Organizational culture is the key for organizational effectiveness. Organizational culture can be characterized by few important aspects of the organizational characteristics. The most important of these characteristics are consistency, adaptability, involvement and mission. All these characteristics are very much significant for the organization to get effective and function efficiently.

Reliance (trust) on the organizational functionality can be obtained only when there is consistency in its operations. When organization works on to reflect its values and the customs by consistently staying on its commitment, then it is more likely that the organization can able to stand on its own image and it is possible to integrate all its internal operations in accordance with its vision and commitment. Adaptability is an organizational trait that promotes better integration of the organizational functions with the changing internal and external conditions of the organization. Whenever the organization develops these attributes, it can able to sustain its operations better and can able to lead its competitive advantage as well. Involvement is about the action oriented approach of the organization, A vibrant culture that continuously propels the organization functionality towards the mission characterizes this attribute. Mission, is a well established frame work of operations and it is all about the organization's operations and functionality in a framework of established track of objectives. Typically mission sounds the philosophy and practical objectives in realistic manner.

As a whole the organizational culture include detailing of its commitment towards innovation, creativity, proactiveness, employee management, strategic planning, technology usage etc. All these traits will collectively dictate the degree of success or failure of the organization in general. Theories of learning and development emphasized the need for continuously developing the organizational learning environment and also included the training and orientation necessities as part of the organizational endeavor. Continuous improvement of the skills and capabilities makes up very important aspects of organizational development requirements in general.

Organizational culture need to be proactive towards a positive change. Continuous improvement of the organizational qualities also includes development of the proactive characteristics like positive changes. Cotter's eight steps (Salman & Broten, 2017) of change management in the organization will work for the positive change management in the organizations. The procedure emphasizes the need for a change, the causes of the change and change agents resistance evaluation, convincing the stakeholders of the change and enabling the change through an effective change management practice. All these concerns will finally dictate an effective change management practice in the organization (Sinha et al., 2016).

Possible alternatives to the organizational behavior and the leadership issue in Coca-Cola

The first step is that the organization is required to be more adaptive to the ideas from the organization employees as well from other stakeholders of the organization. It is required that the organizational management is expected to be open for the ideas from different employees in developing strategic planning operations. It is required to make employees at all levels to take up ownership of the organizational progression. This is possible by making the organization structure to be more receptive to the two way communication.

There is need for communication from both the directions. There is need for communication to flow from top to bottom as well from bottom to top as well. Employee interactions and the frequent collaborations in General body meetings will free up the employees to present their views and opinions in the organization. Also rather than moving ahead only with the established tracks of success like choosing the same product development consultants, choosing the same marketing specialist for business development etc, company can think of innovation and development of new patterns for business growth prospects. It is very much required for the organization to have a definite proactive attitude towards reception. This strategy can be applied for all the domains of the operation right from marketing, product development, plant operations, safety and expansion issues and so and so forth. Whenever organization remains open for new ideas from the employees and encourage them, it will result in positive results of augmenting their creativity as well it will also work for improving the organizational caliber as a whole. Coca-Cola is also not venturing into new domains like alcohol market and other related beverages. This is also a negative aspect of the current organizational culture and leadership. There is limited risk taking nature and their vision is limited to few recognized domains only. The established expertise in the beverages market for the company can be employed for further development of its organizational business opportunities. There is need for a transformational leadership in the organization (Storey, 2016). Though the leadership is efficient in their own functionality, they are not much so in transforming the organization towards much broader and much adaptable scenario that can be of right fit for the contemporary business conditions (Wilson, 2017).

Recommendations and conclusion

- Coca-cola company selected for the current analysis do have all the necessary features for developing further, however still the organization is lacking in taking advantages of some of the organizational cultural characteristics, which can be of use for further establishment of the organizational competitive advantage and promotion in the current scenario. At the outset there is much to do with the adaptability and change acceptance procedures. Top management is expected to be open for creative and innovative ideas in all domains. Hence they can identity new stakeholders both from inside as well as from outside the organization and should make them part of the development programmes.

- A well planned schema of operations should invite collective meetings and brainstorming sessions by the organization from time to time and this infact should help contribute for collective development with sharing the knowledge, vision and ideas from time to time. These meeting can be established by the organization steering committees from time to time. These meetings should work on to provide very good insights for the organizational overall development.

- Coca-cola organizational board of directors should consider development of talent in the organization to take up the organization to the next level of challenges. Developing a team with extensive capabilities of transformation need to be established and this team should work for leading the organization for future developmental requirements. When coca-cola has the necessary talent pool inside they can show the right direction for future growth and thus can work to sustain the proposed progressive changes in the organization.


Coca-Cola can develop a better environment of operations like develop a working environment with inherent safety and quality enhancement characteristics. An internal team to continuously monitor the working environment and the safety aspects can be developed. Apart from business focus, organization behavior(culture) should also take care of these aspects, which can work to improve the overall characteristics of the organization and can boost up the morale of the employee much better. As of now the organization is committed to empowerment of the employees and is working good for the betterment of their lives and providing them with better wage structures, however not taking up the advantages from the key talent available in the organization. Hence there is need for special drive to identify talents from the large pool of employees of the organization. Typical talents like making attractive slogans, attractive messages as well as attractive pictures will all make the organization prosper better in future. Organizational culture is also expected to develop better in future, there is need to create an environment that can be of good usage for the future organizational requirements. It is required to develop working environment as needed in the globalized environment. Work force with diversity tolerance, racial tolerance and zero discrimination towards racial, ethnic and related aspects need to be included in its main stream operations. Whenever organization is provided with such open operational environment, right talent pool can be attracted and this inturn can be of use for developing better prospects for the organization. Coca-Cola Company discussed at present has a need to have a comprehensive overview of its current operations and operational culture to take advantage of the prospects available for it and to move ahead towards future for better prospects.

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