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Network Design and Management Trends Assignment Help

In this paper, you will research and report on network design and management trends over the last three years (present year minus 2) in the areas of virtualization, security, hardware, network management tools, software defined networking, and wireless. Choose, at least, three areas and explain the general trend and trends within two subsets of the area (i.e., security has subsets of physical, perimeter, monitoring) over the last three years. Use at least one figure from Google Trends showing a trend discussed in your paper.




It can be deliberately stated that in almost every sector new ideas are emerging every now and then. Some of the new ideas take in the form of a vital growth and development in some sectors and continues to develop demand for the possible consumers. Especially in the IT sector the networking trends are occurring every day with the proper use of the cloud. The trends and development in the IT sector has a tendency to make sure that the various organisations are being highly benefited and that they have substantial amount of potential to continue with the development that might eventually allow them to earn adequate amount of profit for further improvisation. The recent networking trends are exclusively known to improve the functioning of multiple business organisations and at the same time, make sure that they can push their limits to be one of the well-defined institutions. The recent trends do not always have to of positive nature. There is a significant amount of possibility that they might have the tendency to cause a negative impact as well.

Network Design and Management Trends- The Concept

The concept of network design and management trends instigates the proper use of various computer network design and other activities that makes sure that an organisation is able to conduct their businesses in an appropriate manner. This completely focuses on their range of reliability, efficiency and capabilities of using data transferring channels. At the same time, the idea of proper network operation, maintenance and administration is taken into consideration as well to make sure that the rate of growth and development can be properly maintained and that everyone can gain adequate amount of benefits from that (White, 2016). On a global scale, the rate at which the system of networking continues to pace up is surprising for everyone. Every year, users connect with more devices and demand more bandwidth for the high throughput of the applications that are required to use. For the continues growth of network use, various organisations have taken the initiative to change their own networking and communication to make sure that they can attract more population.

Network Design and Management Trends Over the Last Three Years

The consequential level of trends occurring in the networking and management trends over the past few years have a shown a decent level of consistency and led to the understanding of the idea that the people are highly integrated towards the idea of making sure that they can improvise their current functioning with the help of designated amount of improvements. Some of the trends that have been constant comprises of security, software defined management and the use of wireless. These three aspects have continued to gain the attention of the people with the huge amount of innovation that has been added up for the beneficiary context of these developments and with the virtues of consideration that has been initiated by the growth and development of these technologies.


Security is one of the most integral aspect of the networking trends. Every communication aspect of technical encouragement mainly focuses on the idea of making sure that substantial amount of knowledge has been acquired for the better protection of the users and to make sure that a proper sense of prosperity and communication has been maintained throughout for the determination of the results. There are multiple aspects that are making the idea of network security a complete challenge (Yan & Yu, 2015). The growing use of personal devices, new mobile operating systems and various other factors have contributed to the idea that it would be extremely difficult to ensure the proper maintenance of the networking system and to prevent every possibilities threat in terms of using the systems. Here, the idea of using mobile networks, VPNs and roaming users have to be included to make sure that the traditional boundaries are being properly tested and secured for the better security advocacy.


The physical aspect here comprises of the idea of evolution of malware. Eventually it would continue to grow to the point where it would eventually out of the hands of every individual and that they would not be able to function in a proliferated manner and assure their device’s security or the protection of their data. The emergence of the memory-resident malware has a tendency to make sure that they don’t survive reboots and might be considered as one of the prominent attack techniques (Saridakis et al., 2016). The level of security on a constant rise but there is a possibility that the malware defences on enterprises and personal laptop would become more prolific in nature making in inevitable that the attackers would be provided with a humongous amount of opportunity to deal with that.


The use of cloud security has become extremely essential here to make sure that proper care would be taken and the various activities of the organisations would be monitored to avoid any kind of inconsistency in the future aspect. Also, there are fair share of possibilities that the people might be highly integrated towards the use of malicious devices to block the security systems to make sure that proper monitoring cannot be done (Ouedraogo et al., 2015). This again leads to the physical aspect of the security system that has been identified. It would eventually be considered as one of the key aspects that enhances the idea of best practices and keeping track of the all kinds of firewall breaches and the internet activities of the various individuals or the employees of the organisation.

Software Defined Networking (SDN)

SDN allows organisations to make sure that they can manage networking as a proper function, rather than as a collection of devices. The use of SDN is gaining substantial amount of traction in various enterprise data centres. One of the biggest trend that is being utilised comprise of separating the networks data plane from the control plane that makes routing decisions. Two of the prominent organisations that provide SDN related services comprises of the names Cisco system applications centric infrastructure (ACI) and VMware’s NSX. Each of these organisation have a different approach to network abstraction (Yi, 2016). The use of SDN has made sure that the context of proper flexibility and agility can be initiated in a particular workplace. Multiple organisations are highly focused towards the idea of leveraging these new technologies in their respective workplaces.

The Architecture

The key architectural components comprise of some of the biggest attributes of the organisation. It can be evidently stated that the frequent changes in the structure makes sure that substantial amount of attention has been paid in improving the businesses of multiple organisations. The changes in the SDN application, controller, data path and northbound have a different level of interaction with each of the components (Adegboyega, 2015). Each of them have a different form of functioning that allows them to provide an abstract form of network. The

Relationship with NFV (Network Function Virtualization)

The concept and the association of NFV has the tendency to compliment the SDN. However, NFV is not dependent on SDN or other of its significant components. The ability of NFV to provide a substantial amount of agility for the network applications with the use of virtualized servers is something that is gaining the attention of prominent organisations, particularly because of their focus towards the idea of management and the orchestration of VNFs (Gumaste et al., 2017). This promoted the use of high end multivendor platforms and are being defined to incorporate SDN and NFV in concerted ecosystems. Thus, the relationship with NFV is one of the biggest trends that have procured to gain the interests of the people in promoting high efficiency despite of their relationship being of the hybrid nature.


One of the key considerations that have been initiated is the use of high speed wireless networks. This is probably one of the biggest networking trends that is causing significant amount of convenience among the users and in various business organisations as well. The use of 802.11ac wireless networking system has been considered as the integral part of the new age networking that has the tendency to initiated dramatic improvements over the older technologies (Hao et al., 2016). There is a significant amount of possibility that the wireless networks can reach up to the speed of one gigabit per second with 802.11ac wave 1 (Hao et al., 2016). However, apart from that the key trends continue to be millimetre waves, independent services and many more.

Edge to core analytics

This is one of the key trends that has been witnessed for the past 2-3 years in the field of wireless technology and it has been addressed as one of the key aspects that would lead up to the configuration of better broadband use and better prescription of security for many. The use of analytics makes it easier for the humans to understand the nature of complexity and troubleshoot factors that associated with the use of AI and the wireless connectivity (Andrews et al., 2016). Thus, with AI taking over majority of the situations it is evident that they would be able to cause consequent development in their operations

Management Tools and Wireless security service

The idea of security is always evolving. People are always focused towards the idea of what kind of possibilities might be initiated by the others to make the proper implementation of the cloud-to-cloud service that would eventually make sure that an organisation is able to function profoundly. Every organisation has the tendency to make sure that they can instigate a proper, solid and supported security policy that would eventually make sure that the use of wireless security feature would be far more profound and would have a global preference for the people. At the same time, there are various management tools that are about to develop to make sure that the connectivity between a Wi-Fi client and an AP, is being created even if it is difficult to do so (Whitmore, Agarwal & Da Xu, 2015). With the idea of this connectivity in flow, there are high amount of chances that the various business organisations would be benefited and that they would be able to conduct their operations in a proper manner.


The discussion provided above led to the proper understanding of the various kinds of networking trends that are pertaining in the world and the kind of beneficiaries they are providing the people with. It can be evidently stated that, an organisation must have substantial amount of capability in inducing the idea that it would allow in gaining them prominence in the market. It would also make sure that vital importance has been paid in the understanding of both positive and negative factors that would eventually make sure that an organisation is able to function in a proliferated manner and develop all kinds of security policies and connectivity that allows them to significantly maintain their competitive dominance in the market and meanwhile, ensures that they have managed to keep their performance intact.



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