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MN504 Networked Application Management, Melbourne Institute Of Technology, Australia


Introduction: The ManageEngine OpManager has been effectively used for handling the network and the server monitoring with bandwidth analysis and the firewall which is set for handling the configuration management or the IP address or the Switch Port Management. The focus is on the router and switch performance which helps in handling the pack loss of the device which is 24*7. The interface monitoring is to handle the consuming users with applications set through NetFlow, sFlow, with applications to regulations bandwidth for the business-critical apps.

Part 1: ManageEngine OpManager

Discussion of following aspects related to Manage Engine OpManager:

1. Network PerformanceManagement

Answer: Network Performance Management: Considering the networks, there is a need to focus on the IT infrastructures, where the business is mainly relying on the internet-based applications. There is a need to handle the network issues and plan about the monitoring and improving the performance. It helps in keeping the business up and then running at the different times. The assurance is about the service level agreements which needs to be maintained with the major prompt that comes with the smooth delivery of the business solutions that are defined and set through the major impact of the performance. The necessary activity is to detect the performance of the network issues and then plan about the ensuring of the smooth function for the different critical applications. The diagnosing and the other troubleshooting of the network issues are evident to the end user.

For the OpManager, the focus is on the offering of proactive solution which is loaded with the powerful features that enables and work on the resolving of the different network outages easily and quickly [1]. The monitoring of the health of the different network devices helps the server to focus on the router performance and handling the availability at all times. The focus is on the tools like Ping, Trace Route, and then employing to diagnose the issues that tend to occur.

2. OpManager-perfect fit for network monitoring- why?

Answer: OpManager Perfect Fit for Network Monitoring: The OpManager is effectively used for the network monitoring where there are easy flow of the data-based monitoring with the focus on the SNMP network. It provides the complete network with In/Out traffic that is flowing through the interface. The in-depth analysis is for the network visibility which offers the flow-based traffic monitoring and then working over the wider range of the flow technologies [2]. The network and the data center infrastructure management software has been effective for the automation of workflows and then planning the intelligent alerting engines which are configured through the different rules and templates. There is an easy-to-use interface to work with providing the real time access and monitoring of the status, availability the health performance. The traffic and the security analytics are defined through the real time with the major visibility on the network performance bandwidth. It includes the collection and then analyzing the data who is using the network bandwidth with enabling the early detection. 

The business mainly rely on the networks with multiple links that are geographically separated with the data centers and the public or the private clouds. The focus is on creating a multifold challenge in the monitoring of network performance. The introduction of the ManageEngine OpManager, which is easy to use and is affordable with the networking monitoring solutions. [3] The monitoring of the networking devices like the routers, switches and the firewalls include the LAN setup and how the connection is done to the network.

3. Analyse with the help of a diagram the network monitoring and troubleshooting process.

Answer: Diagram with Trouble shooting process

MN504 Networked Application Management.jpg

The monitoring of the network is based on handling the IT admins with staying and working over the different forms. Here, the network monitoring tools are set with identifying the issues and planning with focusing on the errors that originate from either the networking devices or from the network. The hardware performance errors or the configuration or bandwidth related errors need to be handled for analyzing the root cause with planning about how the hard steps in the troubleshooting process needs to be taken. The monitoring of the network tools is through identifying the forms with major fixing issues that comes with the features of the network [4]. It is the remedy of the network to handle the related errors.


Part 2: Analyse and discuss both applications each supported by Manage Engine OpManager in the following domains:

1. How does Manage Engine OpManager provide real-time availability monitor?

Answer: The concern is about the huge revenue loss for the business and how monitoring needs to be done to focus on the consecutive pings with considering the devices as unavailable. Hence for:

First application: It includes the device availability to manage the entire network with the uptime and the network availability. It comes with the sending of the ping which is for the monitoring of devices. The OpManager polls device are for the use of ICMP Ping, where the monitoring is done through the particular device that comes with the interface availability or the monitoring of the port. ManageEngine is able to provide SNMP based Interface availability and port availability monitoring with IT infrastructure setup.

Second application: This comes with monitoring the different forms with the outage or the delay that has occurred which is not sufficient. OpManager provides the real time availability where the focus is on the comprehensive network timing and monitoring to ensure that there are services for continuously handling the statistics [6].

2. How does Manage Engine OpManager perform Network traffic analysis?

Answer: First application: The OpManager is able to monitor the network and provide the in-depth visibility with real time monitoring of the network. The physical and virtual service monitoring with multi-level thresholds are able to monitor the CPU, memory and the utilization of the disks of Windows or the Linux servers. The monitoring is to be done for handling the key metrics like the latency, jitter, RTT and the packet loss to eliminate the network issues completely. The OpManager includes the reliability with the IT for delivering the business. The delay or the disruptions are for the service delivery which affect the business. IT strive the hard to keep the MTTR to the lowest with the network, server and the storage or the applications.

Second application: The monitoring of the OpManager includes the devices like the firewalls, routers and the wireless access points which are for monitoring the performance metrics like the CPU, memory and the interface traffic or the errors [5]. The performance is proactively to monitor and perform the multi-thresholds. They are set with the critical performance monitoring that is set for getting the instant alerts for the violation.


Part 3: Differences and similarities between Manage Engine OpManager with any other network management tool are to be discussed and analysed.

Answer: Differences & Similarities between Manage Engine OpManager with network management

The network management configuration includes the configuration management, change, and handling the compliance management. It comes with the automation of the tools, along with the auditing and the reporting. The free network configuration management offers the enterprise quote which is set for handling the monitoring software. It is important for creating the multifold, with the challenges set in the network management. The introduction are done to the system with easy to use forms and the affordability of the network monitoring solutions. The monitoring is done for the firewalls and the load balancers that is set for the printers and the storage devices. the OpMaer comes with the use of monitoring the network and providing with the in-depth visibility and control over it.

Manage Engine OpManager: They are for the network health monitoring, with VoIP with network and the server managing services. VMWare includes the network traffic analysis and the advanced security analytics which are set for handling the switch or the IP address management systems effectively [7]. It helps in offering the wider range of the monitoring functionality with advancement of the monitoring techniques like the VMware, Xen monitoring etc. The enterprise starts with the maximum 10000 devices with the distributed network monitoring that holds the advancement of the monitoring with VMware and the Xen monitoring.

Similarities: They are for the physical and the virtual server monitoring with focusing over the utilization of Windows and the Linux servers. This comes with the monitoring of performance and planning about the VM of the VMware virtualization platforms. There are multi-level thresholds are set with getting the instant alerts for the violation. The customized dashboards are for creating and working over the views performance at the network with a glance. WAN link monitoring is set for monitoring the key metrics which are for handling the elimination of the network issues. They are affordable and easy to setup and then there are no cost consultation or training for the user education. Hence, it is important for the network monitoring tool for offering the device-based pricing model.


Conclusion: The major is about the networking majority with the focus is on the lack of the integrated applications. The ManageEngine OpManager works on the real time network with the monitoring of the software which helps in offering the mobile apps with focusing on the monitoring of the network. This performs the basic troubleshooting and receiving the alarms and then staying upto-date for the better performance of IT devices. The customization of the dashboard includes the display of the critical metrics which includes the OpManager with network setup for the alarms which is raised by OpManager with severity and then mapping with the device performance. The lists of the devices needs to create a threshold which will help in monitoring the network performance in an easy and effective manner.

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