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Fire Safety in Buildings Assignment Help

Task Description

You are required to inspect a building/industry for identification of the Fire Risks. The assignment will require the students to apply the knowledge and understanding gained from the studies of OM 2023 study material in a practical environment and to carry out critical analysis and evaluation of information gathered during the inspection.

Task 1 – Write an Inspection report describing the fire hazard/fire safety deficiency/ noncompliances in the building, risk levels, standard/code violated and suggest suitable recommendations in detail. 

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Fire safety makes up one of the important domain of the health and safety aspects of assets in general. Depending on the proximity to the fire hazards and the possible consequential damages possible to the properties and the lives, additional care needs to be taken. As part of the practical visit and Fire safety assessment, the following part of the report is presented. The report is presented in accordance with the verification of the compliance requirements for fire safety deficiencies, risk assessments, standards and code evaluation and violation studies. Further there is detailed report of recommendations made based on the specific observations presented in the report. The current building targeted for fire safety assessment is a multi-storey residential complex which is recently constructed and is equipped with recreation centres and malls within the building. As of now the fire safety assessment is done to inspect the fire safety and compliance of the features in the total building. As per the legislation prevailing in Oman, each and every residential and commercial building in Oman is expected to be in compliance with the legislation of ROP and civil defence units. Typical legislations emphasize that all buildings, old and new should be equipped with fire prevention equipment like fire alarms, water sprinkling systems, fire hose pipes, fire extinguishers of required ratings(example: A, B, C) etc. The current building is located in the region of the Muscat municipality and hence will fall under the legislations in force under Oman government in general and Muscat municipality in particular. The number of occupants in the building and the related elements can have direct proportional risk on the type and the extent of the fire safety systems to be employed in the building. The following part of the report focuses more on the observations made during the practical visit to the building and it will also work to check the prevailing compliances in-force and the recommendations to mitigate the current deficiencies in the facility.

Observations and the findings of non-compliances from the building fire safety aspects:

Overview of the building:

At present the building is designed and constructed for about 5 floors and in each floor there are 5 flats ready for occupancy. Which mean there can be minimum of 25 occupants for each floor of the building as residents at average. In the ground floor there is provision for commercial mall and also there is parking place available in the same region. In the pent house there are provisions for spa and few recreational facilities. On detailed observation of possible fire hazards, the following deficiencies are noted.

Untitled picture.png

Untitled picture.png

Untitled picture.png

The severity of the hazards are rated based on the possible complications that can arise from the consequences and accordingly are presented in the above table in the order of severity.

Fire risk assessment (Risk matrix for 10 identified fire hazards in the building)(Liu et al 2017, P.815))

Untitled picture.png


Untitled picture.png


Untitled picture.png


Based on critical evaluation of the severity of the risk and the risk likelihood, highest risk ranking is awarded to the risk of the kitchen gas cylinder explosion. However still it can be constrained by altering the design of fuel gas supply to the kitchen. Rather than using cylinder, external supply sources can be employed for supply of the fuel. Electrical short circuiting need to be curbed by employing circuit breakers. However still the number of circuit breakers needs to be adequate and need to be verified from time to time for its operational feasibility. Overheating of the roof panels and other combustible products related hazards can be constrained by keeping the deficiencies minimum. By locating appropriate number of extinguishers and appropriate number of fire hoses, the problem of the fire hazards can be tackled appropriately. Other possible fire hazards can be constrained by taking up fire resistant materials for usage as well by keeping fire alarms and fire fighting equipment in place. As a whole there are no major deviations from safety aspects, however few design alterations and uplifting the safety compliances by eliminating the deficiencies will make the building more and more fire safe. Hence in this connection, there is need to enforce the recommendations provided here as well chronical inspection is needed to make sure the controls are working effectively. Also periodic audits, evaluations, recommendations needed to keep the safety assured in the building.

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