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Feedback System And Its Usefulness


Introduction: Feedback on assessment task contains valuable information that helps in improving the overall content as well as the approach of communication through writing skills (Hsia, Huang& Hwang, 2016). As a matter of fact, it helps in determining the progress, measures the performance, provides more clarification and advice, and aids in revision to improve the writing practice.

In the present report, the framework of the CRAAP test to discuss the usefulness of feedback (Frank, Simper&Kaupp, 2018). In particular, a part of the previous assignment and the corresponding feedback from the professor will be used for arguing the points. Further, the discussion will also include the appropriate approach of receiving feedback, developing the argument, and approach of implementation to improve the overall skills.

Question 1: Write a report on the following topic.

Topic: Feedback on assessment tasks has traditionally been used to help students 'bridge the gap' between lecturer expectations and their work.

In your report, discuss the usefulness of feedback and argue the best way for students to receive feedback on their assessment tasks.

Answer: CRAAP Test: These specialized tests make the provision of feedback and its implementation, trusted, for educators and students. CRAAP is the acronym for currency, relevance, authority, accuracy, and purpose (Frank, Simper&Kaupp, 2018). In particular, using this test, the likelihood of using unreliable information can be reduced, and the practice of writing skills becomes more appropriate. 

Brief of the feedback obtained for the previous task: The brief of feedback obtained on the previous task indicates that the report does not meet the requirements and academy values taught in the class. In particular, the contents were not based on the PEA model, required number of arguments, and linking of arguments to the thesis statement. Overall, the brief of feedback suggests that the assignment contents are not appropriate, as it does not reflect relevance, authority, and accuracy. On the other hand, the suggested feedback can be considered important because it helps in determining the progress of the student. In particular, it reflects that the lesson taught in class and the value presented for the course is not indicative in the assignment. Further, working on these suggested points will be helpful for the student to learn the concept and implement them into current writing skills. Doing so will be helpful in reflecting the accuracy, achieving the purpose, and focusing on the current state of learning.

Question 2: Develop your arguments using examples from the feedback given from the essay and evidence found in peer-reviewed journal articles. Include recommendations for various university stakeholders to implement your findings.

Answer: Developing arguments

The relevance of the assignment must be oriented towards the values delivered in learning session - The purpose of the assignment is to enhance the learning capabilities of the student. The confirmation for such learning can only be obtained, when its application is reflected in the course of action or in assignment task. In the last assignment, efforts were made on the discussion of communication practices and their relevance in the business context. However, as per the requirement of the assignment, in-depth analysis and evaluation of communication skills with the business case are the key components, which you are missing. As a result, it becomes difficult for the educator to evaluate the extent of learning and to determine the capability of implementing learned concepts into real practice. According to the report of Coffey& Fulton (2018), educators must emphasize the use of learned concepts for solving case examples. Such assessment sod important in the educational curriculum, because they not only offers real-time simulator exercises but also confirms complete understanding of the subject, by the student. Thus, the provided feedback is of high importance, which is an effort to bring the relevance of assignment to the values delivered given during the learning sessions.


Accuracy and correctness of the content should be confirmed - Another important objective of the assessment is to motivate students for using appropriate sources of information and giving credit to the authors of sources (a citation). This concept is of high relevance, not only in writing skills but in the research community as well as in the arts field (ref). In the given assessment, this has to be satisfied by providing an appropriate citation, where is appropriate formatting style (APA format). However, the feedback suggested that the argument provided in the assessment must be supported with relevant literature source, and is thus missing. Thus, the feedback in this consideration is highly appropriate which in turn confirms the accuracy and correctness of the contents. Here, it is relevant to use peer-reviewed sources and included them in the assessment, according to the inclusion of information at relevant sections.

Proof-reading and review from co-workers are highly essential - Consideration of support from coworkers is another beneficial prospect that can be used for the collection of feedback and improvement of writing skills. This includes asking fellow co-workers to read and find out the mistakes present in the assessment. In return, the feedback from co-workers not only helps in rectifying typo errors and grammatical mistakes but will also present their views on the relevance of assessment. For example, missing links from course modules, the accuracy of the contents, appropriate authorization oh, and practical relevance of assessment content according to the requirement, can be determined. According to the report of Casey&Brayton (2018), the feedback support from co-workers is also considered to be beneficial, because it avoids hesitation that appears in the interpersonal communication and the suggestive points are formally accepted. Overall, such support is helpful in improving the overall writing skills.

Motivating students to understand the feedback points and implement - The most relevant point in feedback and implementation is that considered points for improvement (by the educator) must be understood by the concerned students. In this consideration, the suggestive measures proposed by Frank, Simper&Kaupp(2018) indicates that feedback points must be simple, clear, and comprehensive. Furthermore, there must exist opportunity such that student could access, communicate, and clarify things if anything in the feedback is not clear. With such flexibility of communication and clarification, certainly, the feedback becomes easier to implement in writing skills.

Worksheet of CRAAP Test: In this section a worksheet is presented in conjunction with the CRAAP test and the previous assessment. 


When the assessment posted

BUS100 - Assessment Item 2

Relevant to the thesis


The assessment was based on communication skill.

How recent the assessment being updated

The assessment was designed based on current learning session, which includes the PEA analysis framework.


Does the information relevant to the topic

Yes. However, it lacks complete requirement, which includes arguments to be proposed, utilization of the values learned from class, and PEA framework was missing.

Are the content at an appropriate level

No, relevant arguments and the linking to the course modules were missing.

Does it uses all the sources suggested

No. Especially, some of the information provided with lecture slides were missing in the assessment task.



Creator or Author

The content of the assessment was prepared by the student.

Author's affiliation

Student of the University.

Author's qualification

Graduate student in Business.


Information supported by evidence

Yes, relevant sources were cited.

Are there spelling or typo errors


Are the content present, according to the requirement

No. Learning value from class, PEA framework, and arguments as required were missing in the assessment.


Are the intentions or purpose clear?

The assessment explains the concept of communication in business practice. However, all the requirements learned from class, were not included.

Does the point appear objective and impartial?

Yes, all the relevant inclusions were not present.

Are there any biases present?

Yes, the overall content of assessment does not reflect adequate learning and its inclusion in the solution.

Recommendation to improve the feedback procedure: The core motive of providing feedback is to explain students, whether they are doing correctly and appropriately. However, the focus of this Norwegian should be essentially based on learning and doing the things incorrect way. In order to make the system more effective, the key requirement must be on the provision to dictate clear add comprehensive suggestions. Also, it is important that students must be motivated to communicate frequently about their doubts, misunderstanding, and related requirements.

According to Zumbrunn, Marrs&Mewborn(2016), educators must motivate students to work on a common platform. For instance, the majority of universities have initiated discussion forum, where every student is ought to give feedback and improvement suggestions on an assignment submitted by their co-workers. As a result, the mutual feedback system enables students to communicate, understand the loopholes, identify the missing links, and implement today learning appropriately into the writing skills. Further, educators are also required to implement motivating mechanism such as offering a bonus point, giving credits to the feedback, and provide opportunities for communication and doubt clarification.

Conclusion: In summary, the president report focuses on the feedback and its implementation in writing skills. For the case example, the assessment relevant in this model and the concurrent feedback update from the professor is used. Necessary arguments were presented in this report, which discusses the relevance of the feedback system in improving the overall writing skills. A set of recommendation is disgust, which suggests the involvement of coworkers in the feedback scenario and availability of educator for discussion and doubts clarification. As a matter of fact, the overall feedback system can be successfully implemented for improvement in writing and communication skills.


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