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Developmental Physiology Assignment Help

Based on the information in this press release AND your exploration of the ABCD study , explain what the ABCD study is, and describe TWO interesting findings from this large study thus far. 

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Adult Brain and Cognition Development

Adult brain and cognition study is all about the study of factors that do influence the brain, social, cognition and emotional developments. The national institute of health is the principal stakeholder in materializing this study.  IT is one of the largest and long term projects conducted by United States youth and children health division ever in the timelines. The study contained in collecting information from about 7500 youth participants and about 30 tera bytes of data is collected.  The data collected in the project is now availed for access by researchers. The typical anonymous data of 3-7 years old children of large quantity and diverse characteristics is made available from this ABCD study project.  The easy access of the data will be great usage for computational neurologists, who wish to derive meaningful insights from the data collected.  Typical the key focus of the study consists in studying the faculties and capabilities of the brain in the domains of information processing, conceptual resources, perceptual skills, language learning etc of the developed brain and its cognitive technology as well.  

Typical impacts of the drugs, narcotics, substance abuse, alcohol, nicotine and the implications of the same on brain development are studies in this part of ABCD study.  The data available is disaggregated in terms of diverse factors like gender, ethnics, race etc. This can provide good insights into the future research into Adult brain and cognition development studies (NIMH).

An interesting part of the study is that study is going to focus on thousands of children and their brain developmental data. The data will be collected comprehensively to include a range of MRI images of high resolution. The data collection will be done semi-annually or annual for about 10 years on the registered applicants. Typical insights into issues and factors like sports injuries sleep patterns, nutrition, usage and frequency of substance abuse (Squeglia, 2016) etc on brain development and brain functioning.  Another important aspect of the study not only the diversity of the study areas even the target utilities of these findings are of great interest in the research community at present. Diversities in development and impact of environmental factors on genders, races, ethnics etc make up another important expected outcome from this study.  There are several stakeholders like The national institution of the minority healthy and disparities, National institute on Drug abuse, National institute on alcohol abuse and alcoholism, National cancer centre, National institute of child health and mental development, National institute of neurological disorders and stroke, NIH office of behavioural and social sciences research etc are interested in the findings and are partners in this project.  Some other national institutions from the domains of the justice, law and order are participating in the current project. The project is too ambitious and long term project and is representing collective interests of several stakeholders and is working on to render outcomes to several stakeholder organizations. Findings from this research is expected to provide inputs for large scale policy renovations, pathway modifications like in the drug abuse control, rare disease control and in practices for improving the person mental health and well being. 

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