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Development of Compassion Fatigue among Health Care Assignment Help

Consider your field of study and think of a topic that interests you. Once you have an area of interest, perform a library search for a scholarly article that uses inferential statistics to study this area. Write a essay that includes the following:

- The topic of interest and importance to your field

- What are the hypothesis statements and/or research question(s)?

- Which specific inferential test was used in the paper?

- State the specific P-Value of Confidence Interval found by the authors.

- What are the results of the study?

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Research Questions

This study got adapted the factors such as an ex post facto research design that uses self administered questionnaires by using quantitative techniques. As expressed by the authors (Khan, Khan & Malik, 2015), the study was divided into two objective by the following research questions:

1. How the predictive role of gender can be determined in order to develop the compassioned fatigue in between the health care professionals?

2. How predictive role that is related to age can be determined for developing compassioned fatigue among those health care experts?

Inferential Test

In this study, Figley Model of Compassion Fatigue along with Ex Post Facto research design was applied in order to target the number of health care experts.

Random techniques were utilized for obtaining the sample size of 82 health care's experts and this sample was distributed among 19 doctors, 9 counselors and 54 nurses. The Data was collected by using the "Professional Quality of Life Scale (ProQoL) version V" and demographic questionnaires (Kariuki, Chege, Adeli & James, 2017).

Data analysis was done by applying the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS - version 20.0). Data Analysis was involved into regression, descriptive statistics, t-tests and analysis of ANOVA. All the inferential statistics were examined in accordance to 0.05 of significant level.

P-Value of Confidence Interval

In order to find the p-values, confidence intervals indicated the direction of the effect that studied. Study specified about statistical significance that are possible by helping confidence interval.

Gender distribution ratio was provided an evidence of 77.3% towards female whereas it seemed favorable as 51 nurses those were participated in this study method were only 9 of males.

On the contrary, gender distribution among the participated doctors was found almost same as males and the females as 7 and 8 respectively.

Gender and age of health care professions were found as a predictor of compassion fatigue (Khan, Khan & Malik, 2015).
Female participants reported a high fatigued score as compared to male counterparts. Finally this P-Value of confidence Interval was explained as complexity of demands and responsibilities that borne by their gender roles.


Out of all 75 active responses, 17 respondents were received male those were accounted for 22.7%. Among this 17 respondents 9 were nurse and rest were doctors. At the term of gender distribution among the females, 42 nurses were responded while number of counselors and doctors were 8.

Age distribution showed the 50.7% participants were in between 31-40 category and 25.3% were 41-50 years, 13% were 20-30 years and rest 10.7% were above 50 years (National AIDS Control Council, 2016).

The study regarding associating of gender and compassion fatigue revealed regarding female health care professionals had 20.9% compassion fatigue scored in compare to the male those scored 19.7%. Further comparison regarding compassion fatigue among male nurses and female nurses revealed about higher compassioned fatigue score that can be compared to male doctors along with the female doctors respectively. On the contrary, 20-30 years aged participants got a higher compassion fatigue score (20.7) in comparison of 31-40 years category (19.7). Hence the above 50 years found with a lower score of 19.1. accepts instant and short deadlines order for Development of Compassion Fatigue among Health Care Assignment Help solution – order today for excellence!

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