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Coprroate Responsibility and Planning Assignment Help

How manager communicate corporate responsibility (how when who)?

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The manager is responsible for completely ensuring that the employees are responsible for effectively communicating with the management. The effective communication channels and the manager's responsibility is to ensure that the communication policy is in place for training and reference use. The corporate social responsibility requires to focus on achieving the goals with implementing programs that aims at aligning the values with daily operations. The managers work with companies to positively impact the community with full employees or hiring consultant. The workplace communication issues are considered to be aligning people's effort towards achieving the organizational goals. But the communication problems brings most difficulties in the organization and so there is a need to set communication standards with ensuring and starting practices and procedures. The encouraging feedback and participation is important for the standards to validate the employee opinions which is important for the retention of staff. The goals and the responsibilities are important to improve the workplace communication with duties to understand the hiring processes and identifying the positions which are needed to fill in the organization. The work is defined towards the common goal and creating a culture of respect with listening, encouraging, helping and demonstrating empathy that will help in leveraging technology to effectively communicate. The companies include the exposure with reputation issues with poor communication that does not reflect on the commitment of company (Helmig et al., 2016). The communication is to respond to enquire about the compounding of perceptions. The communication manager needs to promote the company mission, products with management teams and the execs to shape the image and value to communicate them to public. The manager ensures about the aligning with key business strategies that is to effectively inform and promote the organization. The managers works on the companies to effectively put in impact their community with full-time employee or hiring the consultant. The changes lead to the stronger brand, with enhanced reputation with increased customer loyalty with assisting the company in developing, managing and altering social responsibility policies. The use of internal communication is for the reinforcement with reaching out to the public via PR for working on company towards sustainability. The organizational resources with the competency and functional expertise with measures focusing on producing goods and services (Epstein, 2018). The cost-efficiency is to deal with the social issues with moral obligations that is identified as efficient and effective for the employees. The organizational environment needs to focus on high social overhead cost which would be a low rate of employee turnover and absenteeism. The manager social responsibility includes the cost to society, with major lack of social skills and competencies that is best at managing business with maximization of profit.

There is a need to understand about influencing people with communication to develop the relationship with stakeholders. The understanding is about the good communication to work on mainstream business where the sustainable outcomes to detriment company commercial success. The project management is to focus on ability to develop strategies with internal and external plans to put in place programmed with achieving the goals within organization processes to understand metrics and reporting the accountability that requires transparency (Chaudhri, 2016). For the sustainable patterns of consumption and production, there is a need to enhance the accountability through actions like voluntary initiatives, standards and reporting. This involves the globalizing of world towards promoting full development and effective implementation of intergovernmental agreements. The health and sustainable development includes the safer technologies for drinking and managing the wastes that will reduce occupational injuries or illness. The business face multiple challenges when related to corporate responsibility and so there is a need to match with enabling frameworks that are committed towards the leadership in corporations. It is important for the organizations to communicate with manager's responsibility to ensure that the employees should understand the best communication practices. The issues of communication arise where the manager job is to intervene and mediate the resolution. Hence, there is a need to understand the different styles of communication where the employees might also prefer the face-to-face discussions so that there is a accuracy and tracking ability. The managers are charged to help the colleagues for finding a happy medium with properly teaching the communication skills. The managers need to consider the value of sending the employees to public speaking development forum which will help the professionals generally hone to the communication skills (Lee et al., 2016). The comprehensive set of communication is for sharing and exchanging information, where managers need to ensure about the communication strategies that are on track. The communication group performance reviews through employee survey and focus groups effectively. The credibility and staff cohesion is important and is related to employee engagement where the employees need to be a part of communication which constitute of the primary targets. The licensing is to operate and approve the employees, clients and the business partners to operate and plan on brand differentiation. This will help in improving the communication on CSR to commit and then accompany communication strategies. There is a need to measure the benchmarks which will require to handle the varied levels of implementation and then evaluating or implementing social compliance which will help in reducing the workplace issues. The regulations and the norms need to be managed with stakeholder expectations where the marketing trends and the client expectations are considered to be key influencers for competitors and CSR positions or other lines of communication.

Under this you have to describe social and ethical, environment, legal responsibility

The social responsibility and ethics applies mainly to the individual and the grouping capacities which needs to be incorporated for the daily actions and the decisions. The social responsibility includes the ethics which is applied to the group for interactions with another group. The business is worked upon under a developing of a system with social responsibility with maintaining the equal to company economics (Jiang et al., 2016). The ethical implications includes the decisions and the actions with overlooking for personalized gains and benefits with manifesting itself in companies with cheating environmental regulations. CSR includes the focus on managers for demonstrating the new products and endeavors with framing the trend to adopt CSR with representing the opportunity that influence corporate and governmental economic practices.

The social responsibility of a business is to focus on profit making activities that benefits the society which is involved in developing the business and then holding positive relationship, in which one operates. The responsibility is to obligations and to take decisions for performing the actions in terms of objectives. The positive public relations help in reducing the problems related to workplace communication. Hence, the process needs to include building a long-term value with improving reputation and encouraging the customers or other stakeholders to be involved. The business will help in buying the recycled paper and exploiting the customers or ignoring the community. The business needs to look about entering into and promoting the business with corporate social responsibility projects (Godkin, 2015).

Ethical responsibility for the corporate responsibility is considered under a firm behavior which includes that the environment needs to be friendly. The business has to be aware of the different activities and how one directly affects the environment. The moral and the ethical responsibility of every business needs to be taken hold with providing free education to safeguard the interest of people. The ethical trading includes the worker welfare, with natural resource conservation and sustainability. Here, the focus is on choosing the suppliers who need to examine about how the customers are concerned about wider impact of supply chains and then associating towards the local workforce and environment. The larger organizations audit the suppliers to ensure about the responsible working practices and then handling the business that one can rely on. The ethical trading and customers need to ensure about the products and services that will help in telling the customers about social responsibility effectively.

Legal responsibility is not only for the individuals but also for the business. The corporate responsibility comes under the operations where the rules and regulations are for maintaining the balance and for a greater society good. The law-abiding enterprise needs to focus on socially responsible enterprise where the business includes the regulations like the labor law, environmental and the criminal law. It helps the government to properly track the economic state of the company (Lee et al., 2016).

Environmental impact under corporate responsibility includes the aim to reduce the damaging effects from the business processes. The activities need to focus on the energy use and the water use, waste management, recycling, emissions and the eco-friendly travel policies. There is a need to understand about how one can handle the business risks to improve reputation and provide the opportunities for cost saving. The simple energy efficiency is to measure and generate savings which makes a difference to the business. The increased revenue with improving the environmental performance will help in creating the products that can be recycled with optimizing the product life cycle. The reduced packaging and locally saving the fuel costs is important so that one can create an efficient distribution network which will help in working with environmentally conscious suppliers and distributors.

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