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Clothes are known to be designed for aesthetic purposes. Over a period of times, clothes have known to be used to convey several messages and even exchange cultures. The field of clothing design is gaining attention as functional designs and technologies are in place booming up the business. This paper discusses on the clothing design trends and technologies visible in the market. It also details on how those technologies shape up the industry.

Clothing design

The concept of applying design principles with an aesthetic touch is what we call as clothing design. It has a strong influence of local trends, behaviors and beliefs of people. As the needs change, the designs also change. Some use clothing designs to convey a specific tradition or a movement (CB Insights, 2019). On the other hand, designing clothes for the purpose of fashion is becoming a trend and the industry is now driven towards this trend. With a range of colors, styles and materials, fashion designing is redefining the styles meant for the genders. In fact, the design of clothes has got different names based on the origin of design such as Chinese fashion design, Swiss fashion design and United States fashion design(CB Insights, 2019). All of these have specific cultural backgrounds and specific ways by which the cloth has to be worn.

Clothing design trends

Clothes speak a lot on one's confidence and character. Right from the design to fabric selection to adornment, there is a lot that goes behind the creation of a cloth that is ready to wear. With fabrics changing over the years, the recent trend has seen the attention of people towards eco-friendly clothing. Designers designing such clothes are the need of the hour as this is an effort to mitigate the climate change. Men tend to focus on the quality of cloth to design it further while women focus on minimal design that can speak about simple living. The trend also sees a difference in the design of clothes worn by people in rural and urban areas(CB Insights, 2019). For instance, urban clothing displays a modern and creative look while rural clothing displays scarcity and lack of ideas. New terms like fashion forecaster, fit model, fashion journalist, dressmaker and textile designer are used to define new roles and expand the horizons for the clothing design industry.

Clothing design technologies

Technologies are playing major roles in taking clothing design to the next level. Technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality have made it possible for customers to view the designs and see how they look upon wearing them in prior (Beech, 2018). This gives more scope for new clothing designs to enter the market. 3D modelling is known to be a commonly used practice to create clothing design. Now, this has been used even by an average fashion designer to decide on the style, pattern, texture and fabric. With the fast fashion trend in the market, it has become easier for brands to impress the buyers with new models (Beech, 2018). 3D printing is another clothing design technology that has given an enriched look to the clothes. This has made it possible for manufacturers to produce clothes in huge numbers as per the taste of wider audience.


Sustainable fashion has given way for minimal designs in the clothes. Such designs are also meant to exchange information about cultures. Automation technologies have made it possible for people to simulate the look and feel without having to implement the design on the fabric. Likewise, clothing design is approaching towards new fashion trends based on the gender and their respective preferences.

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